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Sunnnnnnday April 5, 2009

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That’s right, folks, the Portland area has experienced two straight days of no rain and minimal clouds!!  Yee-haw!!!!!!!

The weather has no doubt put many PNWer’s in great moods, including me 🙂  I woke up today feeling quite tired, and honestly not wanting to get out of bed anytime soon.  So I skipped yoga and the gym 😐  How, you ask, am I ever going to get into optimal shape if I keep skipping the gym or cutting workouts short?  Who knows…but my high school reunion in 3 months now has me under constraints to whip this ass into shape!  I’ll get there eventually, trust me 😉

Can you tell I’ve had waaaaaaay too much wine?  I thought so.  More on that later.

Remember the Saladitas I mentioned last night as my snack?  Here’s the pic, with a curious Lily in the background 🙂  I really like how browned these crackers were compared to American Saltines (the closest comparison).  I like me some nearly burnt toasty crackers 🙂


I woke up today knowing I didn’t prep my oats, but I had an idea to up the cooked-ness of the finished product—hot water!!!  That’s right…instead of adding cold water/almond milk to the dry oats mixture I added a scalding hot liquid mix.  It worked better than the usual cold I-forgot-to-prep-the-oats mix, but was still chewier than normal overnight soaked oats.


Today I added just a heaping T of the protein mix, but all was well!  This held me over for a really long time, considering I didn’t think to eat until after 1 or 2.  What’s up with me and not eating lunch the last few days???


For “lunch” I had my yogurt/banana combo from Friday that I never ate, with some pumpkin flax granola added in, and a serving of Kashi TLC multi grain crackers.  Yum yum!  I ate while drenched in the sun outside 🙂

After much fun weed-pulling in the yard, my mom came over and we barbecued a nice dinner.  I had a 1/2 chicken breast with a mixed salad, and my mom and Chris had burgers.  My salad consisted of apples, carrots, avocado, orange bell pepp, green grapes, romaine, olive oil, balsamic, and S&P.  The chicken breast had some great seasoning on it (called Northwoods), and it was really juicy and perfect!


We had a nice bottle of Fat Bastard Chardonnay with our meal, and then Chris and I cracked open a Frei Brothers Chardonnay after my mom left.  Oy vey!  You probably won’t also believe that we cracked open a red wine, too.  :0 

Did you watch “The Apprentice” tonight?  I can’t believe Donald’s justification for firing one of the people!!!  Seems really irrelevant considering the task at hand…

All that competition made me hungy eventually, so I had a small bowl of Pumpkin Flax Granola from the bulk section at Fred Meyer.  SO tasty!  Yay!  When I had it earlier in my yogurt snack it seemed good, but alone with almond milk I really go to taste the nuances of the mix.  I spent like 10 minutes deciding what granola to buy, and I’m glad I got this one 🙂


While that was good, I still wanted something sweet (and still do), so I had a small handful of raisins.


As an aside… I feel so bad for my Lily Bird!  Yesterday when we ran around the tennis court I didn’t think she’d get blisters or worn feet, but today her hind foot pads are peeling a bit 😦  My baby!!  I guess it’s kind of like human feet and blisters maybe?  She didn’t seem bothered at all until she had little flaps of skin on her main hind foot pads, and then she was irritated by the flaps I think.  So weird, and hopefully not too much detail for you, but quite fascinating to me.  I cut off one of the flaps she was chewing at and inspected it (like how we’d cut off excess blister skin that’s loose and not attached), and the texture and strength of it amazed me. It was like stretchy leather, and the texture of the inside was trippy–a funky web of sorts. 

Alrighty, I think that’s it for my Sunday!  I’ve had waaaaaaaay too much wine and need to drink about 10 glasses of water before hitting the hay.  Hopefully I don’t wake up with an alcohol induced headache…. suck!

I’m really glad this weekend was nice, both weather-wise and personally, and I hope you all had a great weekend, too!  Hasta la vista, babies!


One Response to “Sunnnnnnday”

  1. carolinebee Says:

    hahha, wine = “nuances” of granola taste, and extensive analysis of Labrador paw construction 😀

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