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Funktified April 1, 2009

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This being back from vacation thing is starting to suck, and I’m in a funk of sorts.  Caroline is so right about the depression thing once getting back from vacation!! 

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, as I had a nagging headache all frickin’ day and it made me totally uncomfortable and irritated.  👿

The gallery has been all to convenient and easy for me lately.  I’m feeling a tad lazy and allergenic this evening, sorry.  I think I’m going to sell all of my property and move to Mexico 🙂  Well, not really, I’m not sure I could live there permanently.  Then again, I think I have Vitamin D withdrawal going on now, and would love the sun. But the sun ages us so quickly!  Sheesh, listen to me! 

Speaking of aging, I saw lots of fine lines under my eyes this morning, and did not like that at all.  In the last few years I’ve gotten cheaper on the skin care and have foregone a separate anti-wrinkle eye cream, and I think I’m gonna have to spring for it now.  :shocked:

Moving on…. I’ve only worked out once since I got back.  Tonight I did 45 difficult minutes on the stair mill at a good clip and then some stretching and abs.  I totally got my sweat on and felt my lungs afterward!  Whew!

I made the mistake of stepping on to the scale after my workout, and did not like what I saw 😐  Guess all the cheese, pizza, cheese, pina coladas, cheese, fries, and cheese affected my progress!  Since I hadn’t eaten much cheese for a few months I think I went a little overboard, and I totally paid for it in more ways than one. 

You know what, I love my doggy 🙂  There’s a random comment for ya!  I was looking for a bright way to end my post, and I think this is good 🙂  She was funny this morning–I forgot to prep my oats last night, and as I was doing so this morning I gave her my nut butter spoon to lick.  I ran out of Maranatha AB, bought Maranatha PB, and she didn’t want it!  That seemed so odd to me, and made me question my PB.  Seemed fine to me…nice, in fact, that it is a subtle yet flavorful version of PB. 

With that, peace out, yo!


One Response to “Funktified”

  1. carolinebee Says:

    haha i’m sorry you’re feelin it! That’s so funny about the Maranatha- that stuff is pricey too pshh more for you!

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