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4 days in 10 minutes March 13, 2009

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Not sure where to start…nothing terribly remarkable about the last four days, except Chris’ birthday (Wed) was fun, he’s been in a good mood since Wednesday morning, and I’ve been working like a mad woman.

I’m so tired and crazed as I try to get ready for my trip without going insane.  Thankfully I just have one bigger item to do at work tomorrow, one meeting, and then I can finally get down to figuring out what clothes to take, how to pack, etc.  I’m getting anxious about packing since I haven’t really scoped out my clothes yet, and since my closet room is a total frickin’ mess!  It looks like a bomb of clothes blew up in there 😐

Surprise, surprise, I ate Mexican food out a ton this week.  And tonight I’m ashamed to admit that we’ve eaten out every night for a full week and a few days I think.  Ugh, so bad, I know.  I totally should have bought some food for the house this week (beyond basic fruit and yogurt) so I would have been forced to eat here more. 

Okay, I think my ten minutes are up.  If you can, take a look at the background of the last picture above 🙂  Chris and I ate outside at Fajitas tonight.  He walked there with Lily before I was done at work, then I joined them as they sat outside!

Fuck, I’m so annoyed with Chris tonight, and just about everything in general.  I guess I’m just in that annoying bitch phase as I go crazy getting ready to leave at work and home.  I haven’t been this consumed by leaving town for awhile. 

I’m getting up at like 5 tomorrow to go to work, then I have breakfast with my mom at 8, and my appointment at 10.  Wish me luck!


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