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Frigid bitch March 7, 2009

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Yes, that’s right friends, the bitch was out again today.  This afternoon I was cold and in a bitchy mood and Chris made a joke about me being a frigid bitch, which actually cracked me up and made me feel better.  PMS be damned!

My morning began with an overly tired me dragging my arse out of bed around 8:30, getting ready, and eating my normal oats concoction:


I prepared lunch for us, but Chris ate his sandwich before we left and then I totally forgot my lunch on the way out the door.  Work sucked a bit, but I did finally get most of the work software stuff loaded on our laptop.  The bitch emerged at work and didn’t go away until later tonight.

At work I was sad to have forgotten my food, but thankfully my office mate keeps some food around.  My choices were popcorn, instant oatmeal, or an old Power Bar.  I chose the strawberries’n’cream oatmeal, but considering the low calorie content it was more of a snack than lunch.


Wow, this was SOOOOO sweet and fake tasting, but some part of me liked it.  I think the frigid bitch had a sweet tooth today 😉

Eventually I ate a snack–there was a Clif Nectar bar in my desk drawer 🙂


I also had some green tea with mango to try to warm up, but had to put my jacket on eventually since I was so cold.  I was so cold that it was hard to control my hand to write!  Thankfully most of my work was on the computer.

Chris hinted at visiting Fajitas for dinner, justified it in all kinds of ways, and I agreed we could go there.  A small bowl of tortilla soup sounded perfect. Funny coincidence–we saw our waiter, Pedro, on the freeway while driving home!  “We’ll be there soon!”

I did indeed order the soup, and I asked for a little bit of sour cream to make it richer and tastier.  Mmmmm.  I also had a little bit of a Cazuela, even though I knew I’d be working out later.




I hung out at home for awhile before working out.  When I did go I hit up the stair mill for 45 minutes and came home.

My snack was a little bag of cookies I got from my blogger Secret Santa.


I also ate a prune while prepping my oats, and now my tummy just won’t stop rumbling!  Scheit…it is like 11:30 and I should go to bed, but the hunger is strong…what to do?  Off this frigid bitch goes to figure things out.

Have a great rest of your weekend 🙂


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