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A test of values March 1, 2009

Hey there.  Is everyone gearing up to watch the new Celebrity Apprentice tonight?  It starts in less than half an hour so I gotta make this semi-quick.  It is a two hour episode tonight!

I definitely regretted drinking the additional red wine last night after we got home, as I woke up with a headache 😦  I was not planning on going to yoga, and I stayed in bed until 9:30! 

Once up, got the coffee going, played with LB, and settled in for my bowl of oats and cup of joe while reading blogs.  Same ol’ tasty oats, nothing different today.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a variation!


We hung around the house all morning, and I fantasized about going to Trader Joe’s to buy the week’s groceries while Chris went to the gym.  That eventually materialized at like 1:30, finally.  Just before we left I realized I never at lunch!  I had a quick snack of ww toast with Maranatha:


Here’s where my values were tested and where I was totally disappointed.  I’ve never bought all of my groceries at TJ’s, just a few odds and ends, and I was shocked at how much packaging they use, the lack of bulk products, and how they even package their produce individually in many cases. 

I began in the produce section and saw that the only broccoli was individually wrapped crowns.  Hm, no go there.  The trifecta of grapes looked good, but were packaged in a clamshell that isn’t recyclable at the curb.  I grabbed those anyway.  Next up, Chinese BBQ pork in plastic (tough to avoid with meats), quart of yogurt (impossible to avoid plastic packaging with dairy), crackers (okay, I can handle the box & bag), soup (individual aseptic cartons that can only be downcycled? or, steel cans I can deal with), oats (is that cylinder even recylable?), dried fruit (no bulk anywhere??? tons and tons of small plastic packages)…

By the time I got through the whole store I was almost feeling sick from the excess of consumption and packaging all around me and in my cart.  Don’t get me wrong, I really love TJ’s foods, but today I saw them in a whole new light as I walked through the store.  The one aisle I didn’t visit was the frozen foods; I didn’t have anything frozen on the list to buy, and all frozen food boxes are not recyclable. I felt really sad and disappointed that I couldn’t feel good purchasing half of the stuff there, and I ended up putting everything back except the pork and the yogurt. 

I went to Fred Meyer after getting home, and felt much better about the choices I was able to make there.  Even though packaging is not as important as the food inside of it, I still really want to reduce the packaging, especially plastic, that I use; I tested and clarified my values today and it felt good to be strong.  At Fred Meyer I had the choice to use my own containers for dried fruit, oats, lunch meat, and produce, which meant the only commercial packaging I had was for crackers, jam, Silk creamer, soup, and bread. 

What can I do to reduce my packaging and footprint further?  I am thinking of making large batches of soup and bread dough to freeze so I can have tasty, homemade, healthier choices that I can wrap myself in reusable containers.  Today I also looked in to Community Supported Agriculture to see about getting a local farmshare.  Whether or not I do that, I plan on attending farmer’s markets this year to see what kind of local items I can buy.  I love markets and haven’t visited any here in Oregon for years 😦

I want to research where my food comes from more, and learn how to make better upstream choices that reflect my values of increasing sustainability and reducing my eco footprint.  Okay, enough of my earthy-broad rant 😉

I looked at Stevia today at Fred Meyer (forgot at TJ’s), and it is so expensive!!  Like $10-13 for a bottle, box of packets (packaging!), or drops. I decided to forego it for now.

After shopping and putting groceries away we headed off to Fajitas for dinner.  When I ordered my soup Noe asked me if I wanted a large bowl, or a small one.  “There’s a small one??? Sweet, sign me up!”  More portion control and less waste.  I had that, part of a Cazuela (I used to spell it wrong), chips & salsa, and part of La Casa.




Yummmmy in my tummy!

Being a bit out of sorts for most of today has made me want to eat a lot this afternoon and evening.  Emotional eating sucks!  Or is it that I have’t had enough whole foods today, including fruits and veggies?  Eventually I caved tonight and decided to try out the TJ’s nonfat plain European style yogurt. 

Holy moley it is sour!  As I licked off the tub seal (can’t waste any, right? ;)) I thought it tasted like sour cream or cream cheese, and began thinking of all sorts of savory applications for it.

I decided to have half a cup with a few tablespoons of sugar-free raspberry preserves I picked up today.  Yes, sugar-free and Splenda-full…couldn’t justify the high caloric content of 50 cals for one tbsp of jam 😦  The combo was good, but still sour as you can imagine.  I think this yogurt tastes good, and I knew going in that it would be sour, but I’m going to have to get creative this week to spice it up a bit and see how best to use it.


We’re watching the Celebrity Apprentice now…what do you think?  Interesting mix of celebrities this time around!!!  That poker player chick is quite a pushy pistol! 

Okay, time to go upgrade the computer.  Wish me luck with my technology!


One Response to “A test of values”

  1. Troy Says:

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

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