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Can we get it over with already? February 28, 2009

Tha’ts how I felt most of today as I waited and waited for Chris to get ready to go workout.  I was not a happy camper.

I went to bed last night all optimistic about being productive today, and thought I’d get up early to go grocery shopping.  Um, yeah, that didn’t exactly happen…the alarm went off at 7:30 and I was soooo tired, and then I realized Trader Joe’s doesn’t open until 9am.  I got all excited last night about TJ’s while looking at their circular, and decided I’d just stay in bed and go tomorrow instead.

I got up around 8:30 and got the coffee going, played with the LB, and then ate my oats:


I hit up the gym for pilates, and then came home expecting Chris to be ready to workout.  He was still in bed at 11!  I dragged him out of bed, he ate a little, and then proceeded to take like two hours before being ready to go to the gym.  Ugh.  I just wanted to get it over with already and move on with my day.  I ended up reading blogs, cleaning some, and playing with Lily in that time frame.  I also ate a snack thinking we’d go sooner than later…I should have known and just eaten a full lunch:


One egg white, and one slice of ww toast with 1 tbps Maranatha a.b.

After all that waiting I got slightly hungry again, so I ate a fruit leather, the other half of my Luna Bar from last night, and a few grapes. 


Finally we left to go workout around like 1:45.  I did cardio first since I wasn’t sure how long Chris would take, and I wanted to make sure I got in my time.  I did half an hour on the elliptical, and about 25 minutes on the stair mill before Chris came to collect me.  Worked out perfectly I guess.

We had plans to go to my dad’s for dinner tonight, so we got cleaned up and headed on over there a little early.  Dinner was so good!  We started with Kettle Death Valley Chipotle chips, carrots, and red pepper. A few toasted TJ’s sundried tomato & habanero tortilla strips, too 🙂


And don’t forget the wine… a Sauv Blanc and a Syrah.  Both were great!

For dinner we had hamburgers.  Mine had ketchup, pickles, lettuce, and cracked pepper.  Pefectly juicy and tasty, and somehow I wasn’t full afterward.  So nice!


There’s usually dessert at my dad’s, and tonight was homemade, homegrown rhubarb with mixed berries, and some Haagen Dazs vanilla on top.  I ended up with the big bowl!  It was so tasty.  I really feel like I got some special, yummy treats tonight and I feel really satisfied about it.  Yay!


Chris and I cracked home more wine after we got home, for which I am regretting drinking more right about now. 


I’m tired, a little cranky from the wine, and ready to sleep lots.  Better prep my oats while I remember!


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