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Heading upstream February 12, 2009

Do you think much about where your food comes from?  The steps products go through in before they arrive in the store?  Other “upstream” facets of your consumption?  Just like most of us have been taught, I’ve focused so much on the “downstream” facets of reusing, recycling, and wasting while forgetting the more impactful lifecycles of the products I consume.  Tonight’s Master Recycler class focused on preventing waste to begin with, rather than just managing what we’ve already consumed; ’twas an eye opener!

In the past most recycling has been motivated by reduction of what is sent to landfills; while this is important, upstream reductions are much more significant environmentally.  Recycling is great, but we must all step back and consider how what we use is sourced, manufactured, transported, and distributed.  For example, I focus a lot on packaging of products I buy…but guess what!?  The actual food and product choices I make have much more of an impact than the packaging choices I make.  Simple enough, I know, but it was totally a “duh!” moment for me tonight.

Seriously, y’all, I’ve been sooooo busy or lazy during my downtime and haven’t posted all the key topics of my Master Recycler course on The Three R’s.  I promise I will do this before the month is over to help give you more information to empower and motivate you to reduce waste in your home and workplace.  Fo’ shizzle!

On to the eats of the last two days…

Yummy breakfast oats just like you’ve seen for the last several days… I ate in a rush b/c I got to work a little later than expected, and had a meeting in like half an hour. 


Lunch:  boooooooring wrap of ww tortilla, peppered turkey breast, avocado, romaine; pithy Jonagold apple 😦 ; yummy Kashi Fire Roasted Vegetable crackers.


Afternoon was busy, eventually had a snack of lowfat cottage cheese before my meeting.  Yawn.  Wanna know what is cool, though?  That card in the background is a thank you from a client for being his financial planner for the last 3 years and helping him 🙂  He was so sly…waited til our meeting was over to give it to me and totally surprised me.  I want to clone him!


Dinner was a visit to West Side Maria, aka Si Senor.  I opted to have a cup of tortilla soup, and chips & salsa.  Oh, and the giant Diet Coke that is equivalent to two cans :shocked: 


Once home I played with the LB, changed, and went to the gym for a leg and cardio sesh.  I stopped at the basketball court on my way in b/c it was closed, and found out some stupid twats hung on a rim and BROKE THE BACKBOARD.  WTF?!  I was instantly saddened b/c I knew Chris would be out of luck trying to play b-ball there for a while.  Shit.  They said it may take weeks to fix.  What I want to know is why they can’t switch out one of the boards from the side of the court and re-open it sooner than later.  Whatevs.

My leg workout was good, and cardio was a tough 45 minutes on the stair mill.  Unlike Monday night, I wanted to get off after 5 minutes and the sesh felt so grueling!  Ahhhhhhhhh!  Somehow I hung in there and sweated my ass off for the full 45.

Once home I made a Genisoy choc protein shake, and had a little spoon of Maranatha a.b.  on the side.  That’s one of Chris’ baby spoons!  LOVED the a.b….SO tasty and refined.  And, it dawned on me that it is not sticky, unlike Barney Butter that is super sticky just like most peanut butters. 


I totally got depressed looking in the mirror when I went to take a shower.  I’ve slimmed down and toned up some, but I’m still jiggly, unfirm, bumpy here and there, and somewhat scary looking naked.  😦  I feel skinny sometimes, but after looking in the mirror I just felt fat and wondered when I’m going to lose the icky body.  My problem areas are all over, all over, and all over.  Seriously, stomach/sides, fronts of my thighs, and backs of my arms bug me the most.  I think I’m going to hit up the fitness mags for some more intense bikini-oriented workouts for the next 5 weeks.

On to Wednesday

Late start this morning = ate at home.  I used Maranatha in my oats, but the flavor was a little too tame…. I don’t want to add more b/c of the caloric contribution, so perhaps I’ll just live with it or find another add in to mix things up.  I still did like the creamy toastiness imparted by the Maranatha, tho. 


Lunch today was a business affair at The Stock Pot.  I had hot tea, chicken with wild rice, sauteed green beans & carrots, and a whole wheat roll with butter.  I was careful not to eat too much since the food was good; I took my time and ended up not feeling full 🙂  But then the cheesecake arrived 😐  It was a toffee flavor, I think, with a little chocolate sauce over the top.  I had just a few bites and said no to the rest.  No pics b/c of the table set up, crowd size, and b/c the speaker was actively presenting while we ate.  It was pretty, tho!

No afternoon snack since lunch carried on until about 1:30, and we left early because of my Master Recycler class tonight.  Chris mentioned going to Eastside Maria, aka Fajitas, and I couldn’t help admitting that it sounded good.

I had part of a Casuela, tortilla soup, some chips & salsa, and the grand finale of La Casa.  Mmmm.


And that’s all she wrote, folks.  Well, almost.  I must take a moment to thank those of you who have delurked lately!!  I’m so happy to hear from you and am excited to read your blogs as well 🙂

Have a great Thursday!  Hang in there… Friday is almost here 🙂


2 Responses to “Heading upstream”

  1. Erin Says:

    Can’t fight the feminine fat distribution girl. Find a more flattering mirror. I only look at ones that tint me rose and hazel. 😉

  2. carolinebee Says:

    Oh man I agree with Erin! Some days just suck…and that’s why we have wine and chocolate..and doggies! 😀

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