The Quest to be Fit

Tracking my journey to better health

Uh, it’s Wednesday February 4, 2009

Great title, right?  I’m seriously not able to think of anything else at this point. 

I missed posting yesterday because of a really busy schedule and later night.  The day was good and rather fast…how ’bout a quick recap for ya?


Steel cut oats with almond milk, water, raisins, Barney Butter, cinnamon; and cafe, of course: 


Jonagold apple; Wheat Thins Toasted Chips; whole wheat bread with 1/2 wedge LCL, peppered turkey, romaine.


Dannon Light’n’Fit strawberry


The rest of my Jonagold


My bebidas at Si Senor: one small glass of their Original Margarita, and one massive Diet Coke :O


Followed by the special (split with by mom):  fish taco (not the crispy fried kind), barbacoa (?), rice, tortillas


I worked out and then hit up the grocery store after that.  Because I’ve had a bad run of meat going bad the last few weeks, I decided to stop by the store and buy it closer to when I know I’ll cook it.  While there I bought some Genisoy Protein Shake and lots of fruit.


The shake tasted really good!  I mixed ~1cup of almond milk with ~3tbsp of the mix, and loved the texture and taste.  It kinda tickled my throat, though…dry sensation as it went down.  Aftertaste was good, too!  Yay, a new method of getting protein 🙂  I used to use protein powders and bars back in the day, but haven’t wanted to make the committment to buy a $40 tub of protein I’m not sure about.  This cost $12. 

These strawberries were beautiful, smelled great, and sadly tasteless 😦  We’re so spoiled by our incredibly tasty Oregon berries up here that the Cali ones rarely suffice during winter.



I forgot to take a pic of the oats!  Exact same as yesterday…refer to the above pic, por favor.

Lunch brought a new/old adventure!  Avocado, and pickles!  I didn’t intend to mix the two together, but then it sounded like the combo would work.  Whole wheat bread (butt!), 1 slice avocado, romaine, peppered turkey, and sliced dill pickle.   Tasty!  I also had 1/2 a Jonagold and the rest of my Wheat Thins chips.

Eventually allergies and hunger had me feeling not so hot, so I ate a ‘nana.


If you can read the note in the background by the screen, it says “put Kristin’s flowers back.”  Her nearly dead flowers were causing my allergies, but when I told her that yesterday she didn’t seem to really agree.  I moved them out of the office after she left for the day, and put them back whe n I left.

Dinner was a nice plate of whole wheat linguine with Prego Italian Sausage & Herb tomato sauce and black olives.  I made a little garlic bread (whole wheat, Smart Balance Light, garlic powder, Italian herbs) on the side for Chris and had 1/2 a piece.  Oh, and a little canned parm on top of the pasta, of course 😉  I ate a little too much…Felt really full and rather bloated heading off to my Master Recycler class.


Class was great!  We learned about food waste and commercial waste.  In the metro area 30 tons of paper are thrown away by businesses EVERY HALF HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Holy shit.  And we’re supposedly a green community for the most part.  75% of business waste is recyclable. 

I think some of my Master Recycler volunteer hours will be helping local businesses utilize our FREE recycling program from Metro called Recycle At Work.  Businesses get personalized evaluations from top to bottom to help with everything from identifying recyclable/avoidable waste, providing boxes for recycling, providing education for employees, advice on smart purchasing, reducing resources needed, and more. 

I brought a snack in tonight:  cranberry chevre from TJ’s, Kashi TLC multigrain crackers, and sliced organic Fuji apples.  It was a success!

My snack:



Clean plate = happy guests, and happy provider 🙂  I’ll use that leftover chevre (butt!) as a tasty accompaniment on my sandwiches the next few days I think.  Naughty me!

Time to go to bed now blogger friends.  Tomorrow is going to be super busy, but I like that b/c it means it will be fast, too 🙂

Peace out 😉


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