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Busy busy bee February 2, 2009

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Today was pretty much non-stop work action from 9 to 5, and I feel like it was a good day overall. 

Do you guys watch Top Gear on BBC America?  It is so funny, informative, and entertaining.  I’m watching the Winter Olympics Special episode right now.  They’re going to be using cars to complete sports such as target shooting, slalom, and more! 

This morning I realized I forgot to prep my oats :|, so I had to grab something quick on the go.  I opted for a cup full of dry Fred Meyer Shredded Wheat, and ate that when I arrived at the office along with some coffee.


The shredded wheat is gloriously plain and crunchy, and I managed to enjoy it.  I look forward to it with some almond milk and perhaps some apple.  Heated a la Erin?

The mo’nin flew by, yet seemed long, and eventually Chris and I ate lunch together around 12:15.  I had one piece of whole wheat, spread with 1/2 a wedge LCL, and topped with a few slices of peppered turkey and some romaine lettuce.  I also had half of a Jonagold apple, a serving of Wheat Things Toasted Chips, and a little bit of the CC.


 Bzzzzz…..the afternoon was quick and productive.  Around 5:15 Chris and I left for home, and we were amazed that the traffic was super light!  Yay!  We changed for the gym, I grabbed a few Wheat Thins Toasted Chips, and we headed out for the gym with the LB.  I knew the gym would be a nightmare, so I opted to run and walk with Lily around Chris’ gym while he worked out.  I haven’t exercised in the cold for a long time, and it is amazing how my lungs felt after running a bit.  Now, I am no runner by any means… it was probably stints of a few hundred yards that I ran, but it still felt good to do that and not feel like a wind bag. 

After the gym we stopped off to see our friend Maria at Fajitas.  The restaurant was totally empty!  Did everyone overdo their Superbowl celebrations and stay in tonight??!! 

The typical fare was in order: a Casuela that I drank too much of, tortilla soup sin crema, and La Casa to fnish things off.  I drank too much booze, ate too much soup, and felt like a bloated piggy on the way out!  At least it was mostly fluid, right?  That’s what I say at least…


The L-Word was pretty damn good tonight.  Do any of you watch it?  I thought Monday night TV sucked, but I found two shows (or at least repeats) that are good 🙂 

Now it is almost 10:30, and I’m going to bed to continue watching Top Gear and hit the hay.  Another long day is ahead tomorrow, so I best be ready to go!

Hope you all had a great Monday 🙂


2 Responses to “Busy busy bee”

  1. Erin Says:

    I feel that way after soup too. Then I take a pee and feel skinny! It’s beautiful!

  2. carolinebee Says:

    I can’t eat shredded wheat plain, but I have to eat it right away after the milk so it’s the perfect sogginess ratio 😀 Monday night for me = bachelor, love it!!

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