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Happy Birthday To Me….again! January 26, 2009

Hey everyone!  This girl’s Monday was not so bad, how about you?  I woke up not wanting to go into work, and consequently going in late, but was reasonably productive during the day. 

I should have had my oatmeal at home, b/c with all of my lateness and dropping off LB at my mom’s I didn’t get to work until after 10 😐


I used my scale to add ingredients, rather than using measuring cups, and I think I mis-weighed my liquids last time b/c this was really liquidy compared to normal.  Oops.  Moving on…

Eventually we ate lunch, like around 1, and it was a nice change from the norm:  tortilla with roasted tofu, celery, carrot, and green bell pepp, BBQ sauce, green leaf lettuce, and some Sriracha.  Yummmmmy!  I also had Wheat Thins Multigrain Crisps, 1/2 cup cc, and 1/2 a Fuji. 


I felt sorta hungry a few hours later, and I realized it was my allergies making me feel a bit weird.  I find it odd that one of the effects of allergies on my system is increased hunger, or a sense of being hungry.  I took and allergy pill, drank some water, and ate the rest of my Fuji.  Those are bald eagles at NW Trek Wildlife Park in the picture frame.


I had mega filing to do today, and didn’t get as far as I’d hoped.  I was organizing client files, updating profiles, and calling clients as I went.  Slow going, but really productive.

Tonight we had plans to go to McCormick’s to use a few gift certificates, one of which was from my birthday.  I had quite the spread:  coconut fried shrimp, filet mignon with green beans and carrots, and blueberry cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream.  And a Diet Coke with dinner, decaf coffee with cream afterward.  I ate moderately, sharing all of my food, and ended up pleasantly full but not uncomfortable. 


Happy Birthday to me….uh, I guess I’m celebrating on a quarterly basis now?  I had asked the waitress about using the certificates we brought, one of which was from my b-day as I said, so that’s why she put the candle in the dessert.  It was cute and fun!  I think I could get used to this quarterly thing.  Remind me to celebrate again in April!! 

After dinner and running an errand we headed home, changed, and left for the gym pretty much right away.  I dropped Chris off at Bally’s and moved on to 24 Hr. to get in 30 minutes on the stair mill doing level 8 intervals.  Not super fast, but enough to make me sweat 🙂  I’m gradually increasing the level as it becomes less difficult to do the fast interval for 2 minutes.  Progress, yeah!

Allergies are making me hungry again, I think.  Perhaps a small snack of 1/2 a banana and some Wheat Thins Crisps.  Not sure what else to make… I need to prep my oats, too.  Off I go before I forget!

Hope you all had a less-painful-than-usual Monday 🙂  Thanks to my new readers for stopping by, and thanks to Sharon for commenting!  I hope some more of you will de-lurk to say hi 🙂  Night night, yo!


4 Responses to “Happy Birthday To Me….again!”

  1. Erin Says:

    Happy birthday silly! 😉 I won’t tell that your bday is in October.

  2. carolinebee Says:

    SAwweet birthday din! I saw your comment to Eating bender about mccormick’s..we have it here too and i totally love it! haha that’s funny that you two go to diff gyms? I like the classes at 24 hour.

  3. Kersten Says:

    Thanks for the quarterly birthday props! Now I don’t have to wait until October every year 😉 Yeah, Chris and I go to separate gyms, not really by design tho. He’s been a member at Bally’s forever, but I like 24 HR better. I needed to renew my membership at Bally’s when I saw a 2-yr 24HR membership for like $300 and said sign me up! It is a certificate I bought at Costco. I totally think Chris should do the same, esp. since 24 HR has basketball courts and Bally’s does not.

  4. Anita Says:

    Hi Kersten! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading your blog for a little bit, and I think it’s great! I love all of your flat-out wraps!

    I haven’t been trying to lurk, honest… it’s just that I love so many different blogs, it’s really hard just to get through them all, let alone leave comments! But I think yours is great! I found it through Erin and Andrea’s blog- another fave of mine! 🙂

    Oh, and happy belated birthday! 🙂

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