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Friendly Friday January 24, 2009

Hello blogger friends!  Today was rather nice and mostly friendly, and has left me feeling happy. 

The day started out early, getting up before 7 (I know, can you believe it?!) to meet a business partner for breakfast at La Provence in Lake Oswego.  Although I felt a tad guilty about eating out again, I didn’t just want to go for oatmeal or fruit for breakfast.  So, I ordered the blueberry pancakes and ate half of them 🙂  I also picked the blueberries out of one of the remaining pancakes 😉  Nummy!

100_0001_01 Don’t they look good!?

At work I was distracted by clutter on my desk and not feeling organized, so I spent some time going through things, going through a few drawers in my desk, and getting all my 2008 business tax stuff together.  Being more organized in my environment helps me be more mentally organized and ready to tackle projects.  It also gives me time to procrastinate while I clean 😉

Around 12:30 or 12:45 I couldn’t fight my hunger any longer (busy bee), so I sat down to eat my wrap, half and apple, and some cc. 


The afternoon seemed dauntingly long, and I was somehow migrating out of work mode and into lazy mode.  Not good considering all I have on my plate.  I did get some work done, but also screwed around online for awhile.  Chris said he wants to go to work Saturday, so I know I’ll have some time to make up for my laziness.  Bleh.

When I got hungry I wanted starch/carbs, but didn’t have any, so I ate the rest of my apple and my cc.


Hm, what did I do next…not sure.  We left work around 6 I think and Chris started sheepishly telling me he wanted to go to Si Senor.  I must admit I wasn’t too surprised or opposed to the idea, so we went and invited my mom.  I had chips & salsa, a big Diet Coke (is that like the 4th this week?), a little bit of margarita, and a tamale.  Very tasty.  Made me want to make my own so they could be lard-free and have more fillings 🙂


We mosied home, and I changed to go to the gym.  (Oooh–Rose, a commerical for the Jack LaLane juicer is reminding me of you!  Love the juice posts and hope you start a blog.  Now I’m craving juice :))

I forgot a towel, but since I was doing legs I didn’t really need it I guess.  After I did my leg routine I went to the front desk to buy one, but the guy working said the till was closed 😦  Boo.  He must have seen how disappointed I was at the thought of using papertowels to mop up my copious sweat, or going without, because he gave me one for free!  I totally hope he doesn’t get in trouble.  That was such a friendly move that it pepped me up for my cardio.

I spent half an hour doing intervals on the stair mill, and then did 15 minutes of high-incline walking.  I liked how empty the gym was since it was late in the day, but now it is like 12:30 and I must go to bed!  I have a hot breakfast date at 8:30 in the morning 😉  We are going to Bob’s Red Mill and I think I will join her in having a vegan breakfast.  (Figure out who it is yet?!)

Oh, I forgot to mention my evening snack:  PB Puffins and almond milk.


Have a great weekend everyone!  And thanks for stopping by.  I know I’ve been lagging on reading and commenting on all of your blogs, and my readership is down b/c of it 😦  I am feeling a little bit disorganized on the at-home tasks lately since my Master Recycler course is taking up a bit of time each week.  And I’m not sneaking blog reads at work as much…


3 Responses to “Friendly Friday”

  1. Erin Says:

    What a sweet guy at 24! That is so nice! Have a blast with the drizzle today! 🙂

  2. Andrea Says:

    I think you’re talking about your hot vegan biscuits and gravy 🙂

  3. Kersten Says:

    Andrea, I’m such a dork! Were those biscuits and gravy even vegan?! And did we put real 1/2 & 1/2 in our coffee?! Ah! It is really hard to be vegan fo’ sho’. I just totally forgot about the vegan stuff after we started looking at the menu. D’oh!

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