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Weekend wrap up January 18, 2009

Aw, so sad that the weekend’s over already 😦  It was fast but good for the most part. 


I went to bed too late Friday night (or Saturday a.m. I guess), and getting up at 7 to get ready for the first Master Recycler program field trip was tough!  I was excited to see the various locations on our agenda, though 🙂  I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat again until after 1pm, so I had the rest of my oatmeal squares with lots of almond milk, and my usual coffee with sf vanilla Coffeemate. 









It was SO cold and frosty out!  We started our field trip where we have class, and then went to the Blue Heron Paper Mill, KB Recycling, and the Metro central transfer station.  Wow, an eye opening experience that was informative, and a bit stinky 😉  I’ll be posting details and pics about it on a new page under The Three R’s.  But, a few pics for your amusement:



Haha!  See, recycling can be fun!





This was on a conveyor belt at the paper mill…I think it is the machine that separates out all of the bulky non-paper shit mixed in with the recycled paper (cans, bottles, etc.).


The paper mill is helping to reduce carbon output…with a bold gathering of ferns hanging on to this structure.


Don’t laugh.  That’s beautiful, tired me with a huge stack of recycled paper at KB Recycling.  This place is like a mile from my house and I never knew it existed!  Wow my teeth are yellow.


After materials are sorted they are baled together.  The baler squeezes them out slowly like a big turd!  Gawd, am I obscene or what?


This was just laying on the floor around the bales!  Had to take a pic b/c it was just so weird to see.


Some great facts about the hazardous waste collected in the area.  WOW, that’s a lot of stuff saved from polluting our environment through improper disposal.

We got back to the starting point around 1:45 or 2, and I was getting a big hangry.  I had to run an errand, forgot to run another one since I had food and the evening’s events on the brain.  BTW, I think I totally smelled like trash from the waste station…my shoes reeked from the goo I walked in, and I think my clothes had a little funk going on.  Peee-eeew!  Great reason to reduce the organic matter in your trash; keep that stuff out and the trash will smell a whole lot better 🙂

When I got home I snarfed down a small slice of leftover pizza, and made a random wrap with grilled chicken, butternut squash fries, LCL, and ground pepper. Totally weird, but not too bad.


I was really tired and desperately wanted to just relax, but Chris needed a haircut and we basically had to get ready to go to his dinner event.  My shower pepped me up a bit, and before I knew it we were off to the Pearl District, specifically Andina.

Chris’ event went well, the food was really yummy, and the room we were in was great!  Here’s what I ate:


White sangria with pineapple :)Bread with three yummy sauces Uh, where'd the bread pic go? Quinoa studded fried prawns with spicy sauce

Chicken with a yummy tomato ragout

Chicken with a yummy tomato ragout

Goat cheese and lemon flan
Goat cheese and lemon flan

Dude, I was full!  But not too horribly.  Everything was tasty, had great flavor nuances, and was served beautifully as you can tell 🙂  Afterward we joined a friend and his girlfriend at The Vault/V.  It was a nice evening all in all, but I started getting a nasty migraine while still at V.  Thankfully a tortilla, some ibuprofen, and sleeping pill helped put me out of my misery when I got home around 11:15.  Fuck, that was a long day!


I woke up with a remnant of my headache, but I really wanted to go to yoga so I made myself get up, drank some coffee, had some more ibuprofen, and was rarin’ to go for class.  I was totally out of my normal breakfast items, so I ended up eating Dannon Light’n’Fit vanilla and a Luna Iced Oatmeal Raisin bar.  That bar was great! I highly recommend it 🙂


Yoga was really great today–very active, refreshing, cleansing, and balancing 🙂  Yay for yoga!

I ran to the grocery store afterward, and tried out a new thing today:  using my own containers for meat and bulk items, and using no bags at all for veggies/fruits.  May sound lame, but I had never used my own containers for bulk/veg/fruit…I usually bring bag a plastic bag to reuse.  Today I had large cottage cheese containers in hand, and asked a customer service rep exactly how I needed to proceed so as to not get charged for the container’s weight.  It was easy, and I’ll totally be doing this from now on for whatever items I can.  The butcher got a kick out of my request, and wanted to put the container in a plastic bag 😐  Then she realized it kinda missed the point 😉

On the way home I decided I wanted breakfast for lunch, specifically cereal.  But I also added in an apple and some cottage cheese.  The Braeburn apple was pithy, dammit.  Now I remember why I stopped getting them.


And, on to my second course…Peanut butter Puffins!!!  Barbara’s cereals were on sale 2/$5, and b/c I see these around the blog world all the time I thought I’d give them a try with some almond milk.  VERY tasty.  Loved ’em.  The texture was a bit rough on the mouth at times, so I’ll just have to let them soak more in the future.  I may have to sneak a few in as a snack tonight…


I scrambled to get ready to pick up my dad and Liz from the airport, and after that stopped at the car wash.  (My car was SO dirty from the snow and rain!)

After I got home I sorted out the office recycling, and reorganized my recycling stockpile in the garage.   (Are regular light bulbs hazardous?  Can I recycle them, too?)  I whipped out my new stick vac and cleaned up the house a bit–love it!  No more big, stinky vacuum to haul around for daily touch ups, and no more dirty broom. 

I had a nanner for a snack, and just for shits’n’giggles I decided to weigh it.  I even tared out the peel!


Anywho, eventually Maria called and we were off to Fajitas for dinner.  I had my trusty tortilla soup and a Diet Coke.  And the fabu La Casa followed.  Chris’ mondo burrito is pictured in the background.



BTW, I’m eating a small bowl of puffins right now 😉

Well, that is about all, peeps.  Thanks for sticking with me for the long post, and I swear I’ll get The Three R’s all jazzed up with some great info for you soon.  Maybe even tonight!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by 😉


2 Responses to “Weekend wrap up”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Thank God I’m alone in my office right now because I busted out laughing when I saw that doll head. Freaking hilarious.
    We must have been on the same wavelength because I bought the on sale Puffins at FM too! I had some this morning – they are super sweet!
    I want to know about the bring-your-own-bulk-conatiner. I often think it’s a waste of a plastic bag.

  2. Kersten Says:

    OH my god what is wrong with my page today! It is all over the place!

    Andrea, to use your own containers you’ll need to have a checker weigh them/use a U-Scan scale before use. If it is at Freddy’s, the process goes something like this:
    -Grab your containers and a Sharpie before heading to the store. Cross out the existing bar codes on the containers, and remember to bring the Sharpie to the store.
    -take container (with lid!) to be weighed at a checkstand; you need to know how many hundredths of a pound it weighs. For example, a large Fred Meyer cottage cheese container weighs .06 lbs
    -Write this number down on the container without any decimals, or on a note for yourself. Example, that CC container is recorded as 6, not .06.
    -Go fill up on the bulk/veg/meat stuff you want. Write the bulk code on the container with a Sharpie. If you forget a pen like I did, write the bulk code on a bulk tag, along with the tare weight, and attach it by closing it partially under the lid.
    -If you’re buying meat (for Chris, of course ;)), ask the butcher to put your container on the scale and tare it, and then put the meat in. They’ll put a label on and you don’t have to do anything else.
    -When you get to the checkout, the checker will put the container on the scale, hit Tare, enter the weight of the container (i.e. 6), then key in the bulk code. Tell them to look in the “misc./non-food” section of their code book for more info, or if they doubt your bulk prowess 😉
    -Voila! You just saved a plastic bag/plastic film/styrofoam tray from ever being used 🙂

    I totally wish they had bulk prewashed spinach/greens at my store. I hate buying a plastic bag or container of them every week. I’ll have to do some sleuthing and see if I can find a good bunch of spinach and wash it successfully.

    Good luck!

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