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Busy bitch January 14, 2009

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Today was pretty busy and went by really quickly.  But all in all, it was good and much better than yesterday 🙂

I woke up around 8 and finally got up at 8:30.  I had my oats while making lunch for Chris and I, and was kind of sad to wolf them down in between tasks.  I like the nut butter in my oats, but I may have to do something a bit different to kick things up.  I saw Erin got some figs, and remembered that I really liked dried figs in my oatmeal.  Mental note to get figs when I run out of raisins…


I’m like Andrea and prefer my oats on the dry side, and these were a tad too mushy for me since I added some water when they were done.

My morning was a bit frustrating b/c of client issues and computer issues, but I think I started making some progress on the computer front.  Eventually I ate lunch with Chris around 12:30, but wasn’t that hungry.  My wrap was slightly different today.  I used a tortilla instead of a Flatout b/c I forgot Flatouts until I was clear on the other side of the store, and the tortillas were right in front of me.  They are Mission Life Balance Whole Wheat and seemed pretty good.


Back to work and solving financial problems.  In my line of work what seems like the smaller problems end up taking the most time and energy.  For example, helping someone develop and implement a budget and reduce spending is really hard, but building an investment portfolio and doing their retirement plan is somewhat easy.  Seems backward, but rings true.  i had some lemon ginger tea while I crunched #s.


Before I knew it 3:30 rolled around and I knew I should eat something before my two back to back meetings.  I bought a Kashi Go Lean Roll the other day, and tried it out.  It was caramel nut something flavored, and not that impressive.  The sticky texture made it hard to eat, and the flavor was a little too protein-bar-y.  But, with lots of protein and fiber it held me over until after 7, so no gripes there.


I had the other half of my apple while heading out of the office:


Because of our long day and hunger Chris and I decided to go to Si Senor for dinner instead of cook at home.  I had chips & salsa, and 1 1/2 tacos (one chicken, 1/2 beef).  I forgot the camera in the car and was too lazy to go get it.  After we ate we picked up the LB at my mom’s house and went home.  I knew I had to go work out since tomorrow would probably not work out (no pun intended ;)), so I headed off to the gym at nearly 10. 

I set into a leg workout, did some abs, and then wrapped up with a sweaty 15 minutes on the stair mill.  I am so happy that spending time on the stair mill is becoming easier; I used to barely last 10 minutes, and lately 15-30 minutes haven’t been too tough.  Andrea, thanks for the idea to do intervals!!  It totally makes the time go by and is easier mentally than doing the same speed the whole time.

I got home around 11:15 and now it is after 12:30!  I had better go since I have to be up earlier tomorrow.  As you know, I have been SO bad about going to bed at a decent hour for the last two weeks.  I just can’t say no!  At least the sleep I’ve gotten has been better 🙂  Nighty, night, y’all!


2 Responses to “Busy bitch”

  1. carolinebee Says:

    I ‘m not a fan of the “roll” bars, but their “crunchy” ones are really good! I suck at the stair mill, i just do the little stair stepper cheesy one 😀

  2. Andrea Says:

    Yay for intervals! I had mental images of you and Erin doing the stair mill years ago when I put in my 40 minutes on that bitch of a machine on Saturday. It helped me get through it 🙂
    That bar looks like a healthy payday bar!

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