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Master Recycler, Part Un January 8, 2009

Hello there faithful readers!  There are about 50 of you on average each day now 🙂  Yippee!  I would love it if more of you commented, tho (hint hint!).  Come on out of the woodwork and let me know what’s up in your neck of the woods.  🙂

I was super lazy and tired this morning and didn’t get out of bed until 9am.  Holy shit.  Pretty lame, right?  Eventually I arrived at work and ate my oatmeal there.  Same mix as yesterday, but it didn’t seem quite as flavorful. I think I’m not adding as many raisins, so it hasn’t been as sweet.


My work computer is annoying me big time…got the same “registry altered, possibly by a virus” message on start up today, had a few crash/freeze incidents during the day, and just hope I can do a restore tomorrow and be rid of the shiznit.

I was busy busting out work and dealing with the computer stuff, and didn’t end up eating lunch until about 1:45.  Sundried tomato Flatout with 1/2 a wedge LCL, two slices of turkey, a handful of spinach, a grab of rainbow slaw, and some ground pepper.  I missed the LCL and will be adding that back in more.  That’s a whole little Fuji on the left.


My 3pm meeting ended up lasting until 4:55 somehow…shouldn’t have been that long.  I had to bust ass outta there in order to get home and make dinner before heading to my first Master Recycler class!  I threw a quick and easy meal on:  whole wheat spaghetti and Prego Italian Sausage pasta sauce  with black olives added.  I’m not a fan of Italian sausage–it’s for Chris–but the sauce is good.  I grated some fresh Parmesan on top 🙂


And I was off!  I arrived a few minutes late and was almost blown away by the wind.  We’re having quite the wind storm right now, but not as much rain as was predicted in the city. 

Class was interesting and informative, and I like the leader, Lauren.  Our topics tonight were solid waste and Oregon recycling laws.  I had no idea that our landfill waste is trucked all the way out to Arlington, like 135 miles from Portland–85 trucks per day, with each truck carrying 5-6 tons of garbage.  WOW!   And, Seattle’s waste is brought down to the same landfill! The recovery rate (recovery = reduced, reused, recycled, composted, or used for energy) in the Portland metro area is 55%, and the City of Portland is 64%.  The methane gas gathered over the old St. Johns landfill is used to power the kilns at cement factories locally, among other things.  I borrowed a video called “Affluenza,” which is about the hyper-consumerism that has plagued our country in the last several years.  Hopefully I can watch that tomorrow.  I’ll add some factoids and links to my Three R’s page for y’all to ponder.  Love the details I get to learn!

I got a little hungry during class, and they had Hot Lips pizza!  Wish I had known that and I may have saved myself instead of having pasta.  But, alas, I resisted and ate this great bar from my Secret Santa when I got home:


This bar deserves two thumbs up:  great texture, great taste, organic, vegan, low-glycemic index, all natural, low sodium, good fats…need I say more??  The sunflower seeds are abundant and provide most of the nutty flavor, but there were also walnuts, pumpkin seeds, raisins, rice crispies, and are those peanuts I see in the pic?  Thanks, Santa!  😉

Chris had Billy Joel blasting and was doing at-home karaoke!  He sang a few songs to me; it was sweet 🙂  I took a pic as he read lyrics off of the computer while he sang yet more later on.  That’s my silly man trying not to laugh when I was taking the pic.


I’m sad I missed Top Chef tonight, and I’ll have to try to catch it on reruns for the rest of the season.  I don’t have the patience to watch it online.  Oh well, at least I’m missing it for a great cause 🙂

Hope you all had a great Wednesday!


7 Responses to “Master Recycler, Part Un”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Dude, I had to park on the top of the gym garage last night and I could barely shut my car door or walk! I hear you on the wind – it was crazy last night!
    Your class sounds really cool – keep sharing with us all the scary things you’re learning!
    FYI – Bora Bora bars are sold at Costco. They are the best!

  2. Erin Says:

    That bar looks great! Are they expensive? I’m so proud of you for doing the class. It’s hard to imagine how big a ton of garbage is.
    Chris is so cute. 🙂

  3. eatingbender Says:

    That wrap you had for lunch looks pretty dang professional – I’m jealous!!

    I’ve never seen Bora Bora bars in my neck of the woods. They look yummy though!

  4. HangryPants Says:

    Yum. The Bora Bora bars look quite delicious. I love when I can see actual food bits in my food! 😀

  5. John Says:

    I like your style! and your food ! A very interesting article. The time has come now for more people to take up re-cycling as much more could be done. Legislation will be the future driver as always in these circumstances. The company I work for have recently added a reange of recycling bins to their portfolio.The range consists of four bins consisting of 1 bin per category: Plastic / Glass / Cans and Paper. The bins can be bought from

  6. Kersten Says:

    Hey, I’m a dork…haven’t replied to comments in a looooong time. Sorry about that.

    I’m not sure how much the Bora Bora bars are since that one was a gift. Maybe Andrea knows since she saw them at Costco. Andrea?

    John, thanks for your comment! I agree that legislation is key when implementing environmental changes. In Oregon legislation has been a huge part of our changes to recycling/waste laws for the last 30 years. I hope you company has huge success in the recycling bins business!

  7. LCL Trucking Says:

    That looks good, and I am hungry. Dang. lol.

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