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Malware sucks December 27, 2008

Our computer was pinged with a malicious software program last night, and Chris spent most of today getting rid of the damn thing.  It started last night when he was online and suddenly got bombarded with messages about a program being allowed to change settings (!).  Damn thing sneaked in, changed settings to allow itself, and then proceeded to try to appear like a bonafide Microsoft program.  A red shield icon with an “x” in it appeared in the system tray, and a bubble saying our computer wasn’t protected kept popping up.  If you clicked on it the computer would try to go to a website with links in it, and then proceed to upload all sorts of info from your computer.  Thankfully that did not happen to us.

We had heard of this malware before, and since it looked fishy we didn’t click on anything.  I was asleep, and Chris worked with it a bit, gave up, and then resumed today.  We uninstalled the program, which was called “MS Antispyware 2009” published by CrucialSoftLTD, but the damn icon was still there in the system tray.  Eventually we did a system restore, which made everything better 🙂  Yay.  And, we blocked the website in Internet Explorer, increased security settings, and hope it won’t happen again.  Bleh.  Go to your internet tools/settings RIGHT NOW and block this website (I’ll type it craftily so it does not appear as a link here): http colon backslash backslash helper-security dot com.  Hopefully that will help prevent you from accidentally clicking on anything should it get loaded on your computer somehow. 

Anyhow, on to eats and activities!

Last night I did end up having cheeses instead of Barney Butter… first I had a ~1″ cube of parmesan, and then ~1/2 cup lf/ff cottage cheese mixed.  They were okay.  Chris and I played chess; did I mention that yesterday? He won each game.  I hit the hay around 11:30.



Today I got up just before 8 so I would have plenty of time at the gym before pilates at 10; I had plans to go to lunch and shop some with my mom afterward.  I had a bigger breakfast than normal since I knew I would be busting ass for 2 hours at the gym:  1/4 cup steel cut oats with 1/4 cup almond milk, 1/4 cup water, 1 T raisins, and dashes of cinnamon; and a piece of whole wheat toast with a T of Barney Butter 🙂  Mmmmm! I ate these while  trying to figure out what the hell was going on with the computer.


On to the gym! I did a quick warm up, 5 leg exercises, and then ~30 minutes of cardio.  Pilates was busier than yoga yesterday, but still a smaller class than usual.  I did okay on some moves and totally sucked on others, but I got a good workout.

I rushed home to shower, got an update on the computer malware crap, and hurried to my mom’s house.  My dad wanted his car back by 2:30ish, so my mom and I only had about 2 hours to do much with.  We were going to eat lunch at Pizzicato, but my mom saw the Chinese place next door and decided she’d rather have that instead.  It was a buffet!  And very yummy.  Let me see if I can even remember what was on this plate, clockwise from the string beans: sauteed string beans, veggie chow mein, egg foo yung (covered), veggie tofu stir fry, pork potsticker, General Tso’s chicken, Kung Pao chicken (covered) other chicken I don’t remember, broccoli beef, honey BBQ pork, sweet and sour chicken.  And hot & sour soup on the side. 


Phew, I finished off most of that plate :shocked: and had a few bites of my mom’s desserts: orange jello cube, small palmier, few bites of doughnut.  I was quite full afterward, but all the food was good at least.  I ate too fast, tho.


On to Target!  There was so much Christmas stuff on sale since people weren’t able to get out to shop before Christmas.  I bought the last of the gifts I needed, and we headed out about an hour later.  I totally forgot to get my new crew socks.  Damn.  Still wearing holey ones!

I got to my dad’s a little after 2:30, he dropped me off here at home, and the computer saga continued.  In the process of removing the malware Chris removed a few other components that weren’t malware, so the system restore ended up being our best option.  Thankfully that worked well and all is normal now 🙂

Chris hinted he wanted to go see Maria, but I wasn’t feeling that up to it.  Too bad I wasn’t feeling that up to cooking, either.  I was so tired!!!  So, we went to Fajitas after all, and I had an exact repeat of last night:  tortilla soup, casuela, and la casa.  Chips and salsa, too, of course.


I know, rather boring since you saw the exact same things yesterday!!  I need to figure out a good dinner for tomrrow night.  I also need to clean and organize a boatload of shit that’s accumulated over the last 3 days… better get up early again!

The snow is almost entirely melted now, with some slushy stuff still around here and there in the yard.  It is like 50 degrees, too.  No more snow 😦  Boo. 

Can’t believe tomorrow is Sunday.  I totally don’t want to go back to work, ever.  I’m such a lazy ass, I tell ya.  I wish I could just be a domestic goddess who volunteered as a garbologist regularly.  How ’bout you?


2 Responses to “Malware sucks”

  1. Erin Says:

    I’m totally withy ou. Work sucks! I’m so sorry about the malware! What a pain in the ass!

  2. Mmm I just looove Chinese buffets :o)

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