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“Exercise the demons!”…and a Barney Butter review! December 26, 2008

I haven’t watched Fletch in awhile, but that line sprang to mind when I was thinking of a title with “exercise” in it. 

I woke up SO tired and with that dragging feeling, but know I got enough sleep.  I think it was from eating all that rich and random food, and drinking throughout the day yesterday.

For breakfast I had steel cut oats with almond milk, cinnamon, raisins, and a big spoon of Barney Butter crunchy.  Very tasty, indeed!  The butter is so good since it has big crunchy chunks of almonds in it, the flavor is rich but not overpowering, and it is not too sticky like peanut butter can be.  I greatly looked forward to having it on its own later.


I also had coffee, and could tell I was a bit dehydrated, but wanted to head in for yoga at 10:30.  The drive was okay, but for big chunks of compacted snow/ice and slushy side streets.  I got in 15 minutes on the elliptical, then headed in to a whopping class size of four.  We didn’t have music, but that was okay by me.  This instructor is pretty fast paced and does more difficult sequences, and today was working hard to help us perfect our moves.  I swear I was in warrior 1 and then warrior 2 for like 5 minutes each.  Murder on the thighs!  I think I may have tweaked a knee, my foot is still aggravated (but not by yoga), and otherwise I felt drained afterward.  I did a set each of bicep curls, incline chest press, tricep press, lat pull down, and abs before heading to the elliptical for another 15 minutes.  The drained feeling was not fun 😦  But I felt good leaving since I was there working out for 2+ hours! Yay!

Home I went to play with Lily and make lunch.  I knew I needed to save some calories for the Barney Butter I wanted, so I opted for a great salad like I had earlier this week, with one addition: spinach, turkey, apple, egg white, shaved parmesan, pepper, and red wine vinegar.  The parm was fabulous in it…mmm, mmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm.


I was rather full after this, so I held off on the apple/Barney Butter lunch dessert I had planned for an hour or so.

When I did have my lunch dessert, it was fabulous.  I had a little over half an apple with a bit tbsp of Barney Butter, and ended up eating the apple plain first so I could savor the nut butter all by itself.  Very tasty, indeed.  I licked every bit of it off that spoon, and the plate where it touched 😉


So, Jennifer and the whole Barney Butter gang, you have one great product!  Thanks to all you bloggers out there, too, who have mentioned Barney Butter previously and intrigued me enough to ask for it for Christmas.  And, thanks to my dad for buying me two jars of it 🙂

Chris and I ventured out to Costco and PetSmart to get some late Christmas shopping done, which was quite fun but for the disgusting traffic.  You’re going to love this–I’m totally excited about the new sports bras and socks I got, you don’t even know.  My socks are all at least 5-10 years old (!!!!), and aren’t quite so padded or smooth anymore.  We also got lots of wine, and some gifts for my dad.  Lily also got some piggy ears!  Gross, but she loves them.

We stopped by Fajitas on the way home for the usual feast and imbibing, but I held back a bit thankfully.  I only had 1/4 to 1/3 of the casuela, and didn’t eat as much soup, so I wasn’t gut busting full when we left. 



I hadn’t planned on eating anything after dinner, but now I’m getting hungry and can’t decide between Barney Butter and parmesan cheese.  Hm, there’s also cottage cheese…. I’ll have to report back later on what I actually do.

How are you all doing today?  Christmas food hangovers?  I hear ya.


One Response to ““Exercise the demons!”…and a Barney Butter review!”

  1. carolinebee Says:

    sounds like a great yoga session- I laughed when I saw your tbsp of Barney Butter!! I have the SAME exact fading tsp/tbsp set, and I can barely read what measurement any of them say anymore, haha.

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