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Winter wonderland…errr…sort of December 20, 2008


Yesterday I woke up to this!  How pretty!  Just a small accumulation, but enough to make ya smile, ya know?  I have tons of pics for Friday, so perhaps I’ll reduce the verbiage for ya.


Morning eats: 

1) steel cut oats with almond milk, water, raisins, slivered almonds, and cinnamon.   Mmmm…classic favorite.

2) Fuji apple


My little glove thief!  For some reason she always loves carrying off gloves and sniffing them to death.  SO cute 🙂


Lunch was pretty typical, but for some reason not quite fully what I’d hoped. (Perhaps that’s ’cause I’d been dreaming of a riblet.  I decided to save the riblet for the weekend.) Details are:  flat out wrap with 1 whole egg & 1 egg white scrambled, 1/2 wedge LCL, Italian herbs, spinach, broc slaw; 1/2 cup ff/lf cc mixed; Stacy’s Pita Chips.


The snow was all melting off by this point 😦  We stayed home until the afternoon and eventually went to work, knowing we were heading to a party around there at 7pm.  I took some heavier snacks since I knew the party eats would be plentiful and sinful:  two Fuji apples, wedgle LCL, and lf vanilla yogurt mixed with raisins, cinnamon, and slivered almonds.  I ate 1.5 apples with the LCL, then had the yogurt right before we went to the party.


The party was great!  The MOST dense Christmas decorations I’ve ever seen in a house, but not gawdy or overdone somehow.  This is a colleague’s house, and he and his wife set up SIX trees, a few villages of figurines, a 6′ diameter wreath, and tons of other decorations.  So pretty!  Thankfully we did go, as the drive up was hairy, the car was a slippin’, and the snow was falling.  I thought we may be trapped there fo sho.

Here are my plates: 

1) 1 fried shrimp, 1 pc. bread with baked brie, 1 pc. beef teriyaki, 1 cracker with goat cheese and roasted tomato concasse.

2) 1 rice krispie square, 1 choc/toffee peanut blob, 5 peanut M&Ms. 

‘Twas perfect!  Oh, and I also had 2 glasses of Champagne, and water, of course.


Okay, you are going to think I’m crazy now… I MUST go work out even tho there is lots of snow falling now and my neck is fucked up (more on that later).  I can’t get in cardio while at home, and the weather is only supposed to be worse later today and tomorrow, so I’m going to brave it. 

I’ll post today’s stuff later, and more pics from last night.

Peace out!


2 Responses to “Winter wonderland…errr…sort of”

  1. Erin Says:

    Wow! You did a great job at the party! I’m impressed!
    I love the snow – both the pictures and on your page – AND LB. 🙂

  2. carolinebee Says:

    your pup is soo shiny! Love him/her…haha that house sounds crazy- I could never do all those decoration but I appreciate when other people do…One of my friends does that ridiculous winter village/wonderland with like 198340 pieces and snow fluff- that is true dedication.

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