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Screw the weather forecasters December 17, 2008

Friggin’ weather forecasters couldn’t get their shit straight for today’s forecast.  They tease us all week, even today, with “2-6 inches of snow in the valley…” and then it RAINS most of the day.  Poo.  I was so looking forward to more snow.  Maybe this weekend.

For like the 10th time in two weeks I forgot to prep my oats, but  thankfully I picked up some more cereal last night.  A new one in the Freddy’s organic section (remember when it used to be called the “health food” section??!!).  I also had a Fuji apple before this.


I bought this partially b/c of price, and partially b/c of the textures it appeared to have.  I didn’t read but the front of the box at the store, and was fearful this morning when I read on the back panel that it had a mild chai flavor.  I had a bowl of it with almond milk and really liked the flavor.  Coffee followed, as usual.

I did a little work, watched some TV, read a few blogs, and then went to the gym around 11:30.  The snow was really coming down when I got there, but wasn’t sticking and never did.  I saw a teacher from my high school while warming up on the treadmill–Hi Mr. Runion!  After that I did some superset back, chest, tris, and bis, then legs.  Next I did a more intense-than-usual 30 minutes on the elliptical, and it felt great.

Afterward I headed to the new Trader Joe’s (finally!) to pick up some treats for my blogger Secret Santa recipient.  The store is really open and airy, unlike the other jam-packed locations, and wasn’t busy, so shopping was easy.  There are so many yummy things there I had a hard time picking gifts.  I got myself some cinnamon flatbread, and some Gardenburger Riblets to try.

Just as I was leaving I got a call that a colleague with terminal cancer passed away last night.  Sad news that struck me hard at first, but after the shock went away I did okay this afternoon.  The guy was someone I’d known for the last 4.5 years, but his personality was not one I really cared for usually.  Still a very sad situation, though.  Sigh.  He ate like crap his whole life, never exercised, and found out he had colon cancer when his colon finally ruptured and he had emergency surgery about 1.5 years ago.  Case in point to continue eating high fiber, low-fat foods and exercise.  He was only like 45.  RIP Dave.

I was a little shaken up when I got home, and had a few pieces of the cinnamond flatbread with a wedge of Laughing Cow Light.  Mmmmmm.  Tasted kind of like cheesecake!


I took a nice hot shower, then started to make lunch.  Chris wanted a tuna sandwich, and I thought I’d go for a riblet wrap.  It was incredibly tasty, and the texture was really great.  I loved the BBQ sauce with it, too.  That was the best BBQ I’ve had in awhile 🙂  My wrap consisted of a Flatout with the riblet, spinach, and broc slaw.  I also had 3/4 of a Fuji apple.  I think I found a new food friend in the riblet… and they were surprisingly inexpensive at TJ’s.  Yippee!  (I love BBQ sauce, BTW.)


Having a late lunch made the afternoon go quickly.  I wrapped up my Secret Santa items and took them to the post office.  I hope they make the recipient happy 🙂  I”m excited to get my Secret Santa package, too. 


I nearly forgot I had a 5pm teleconference, but remembered on the way to the post office.  Phew.  I had a few bites of ff/lf cottage cheese when I got home.


My meeting went well and afterward I started making dinner.  Chris wanted burgers, but I was seriously considering making the other riblet!!  I opted for the burger, tho, and it turned out really well:  ~1/4lb 93% lean ground beef, whole wheat bun, wedge LCL, a pickle, spinach, and organic ketchup.  I also had a whole Fuji, and was quite full, but not in a big, bad, ugly way.


Chris and I had some Cabernet Sauvignon with and after dinner, and eventually a little hunger got to me, so I had a piece of cinnamon flatbread.


Before I started my post Lily wanted to help me comment on blogs:


Well, that does it for me for the day.  I’m pooped even tho I don’t feel like I did a lot.  Hope your Wednesday was good, and that you’re all staying safe in the crazy weather that is hitting all over the country.  Nighty night!


One Response to “Screw the weather forecasters”

  1. I love the riblets! And the sauce is oh so yummy! I also discovered an old fav BBQ of mine does not have HFCS, woo! Bullseye original, so yummy!

    Everyone is getting snow but us. Our nasty weather is rain and some ice. Bleh.

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