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Pics from Sunday’s snow December 15, 2008

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Yay!  My photo uploads worked today 🙂  Here’s a few pics from our backyard yesterday during the snow.


2 Responses to “Pics from Sunday’s snow”

  1. Rochelle Says:

    Hi I have a dog that looks like lily but I adopted her from the animal shelter and they dont know what breed she is… go figure this is a small town… but she looks just like lily btw she is beautiful.. what breed is she?

  2. Kersten Says:

    Hey there! Thanks for reading! We’re still not sure what Lily is… her previous owners said full Labrador Retriever, but labs don’t blend colors (Lily has some brown and tan undercoat). She acts like 100% lab, with a sweet disposition and expressive eyes and behaviors. If you’re really curious you can have your vet do a blood test to find out exactly what breeds your pooch is.

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