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I’m going to be a Master Recycler! December 15, 2008

I heard back today from the Master Recycler program that I got into the winter class!  Yayayayaya!  To learn more about it check out

There was no new snow this morning, but I didn’t really like the idea of driving the 18 miles to work.  Chris and I hung out at home and had coffee.  I also had a bowl of cereal, as I totally forgot to prep my oats last night (I suck!). All Bran Strawberry Medley with almond milk.


We drank coffee, chatted, and eventually I made lunch.  More freaky double-yolked eggs, but not all of them.  2/4 were single yolks this time.  I had a Flatout wrap with one scrambled egg, 1/2 wedgle LCL, a few slices of ham, spinach, and broc slaw.  I also had 1/2 an apple with the other 1/2 of the LCL wedge.  Yum!


At about 12:30 we made the trek in to work.  It wasn’t bad but for our street and a few icy spots on the freeway thankfully.  I was nervous tho that we shouldn’t wait too long to go home or it would be icier.

I ate a muffin mid afternoon while dealing with work shiz.


Hm, worked a bit more, then drove home.  Traffic was a bit heavier but we didn’t have any incidents.  I went to work out after getting home, but could only do 20 minutes of cardio (!!).  I told Chris I’d be home in an hour, but a blob of traffic meant it took me like 20-25 minutes to go the 2 miles to the gym. 😦  Boo.

For dinner we went to Fajitas, and in true form I forgot my camera.  I was feeling the need to cut a few calories out of dinner, so I chose to forego the cheese in my tortilla soup, and I drank less of my casuela.  I added extra jalapenos to my soup, and man, they were spicy tonight.  My tongue was painfully on fire for quite awhile, but I loved it!

One of Chris’ client’s sons was on Wheel of Fortune tonight, so we watched that after getting home.  He won like $40k in cash plus a Canadian vacation.  Awesome!

I have been watching random TV tonight, including Trainspotting right now.  I had me a little snacky-poo earlier, too.  Same as late last night:


Dannon Light & Fit vanilla, muffin, raisins, almond butter=tasty.

I was seriously down on my fitness progress earlier, but Chris helped me “see the light”.  I still feel motivated, thankfully, and know I just need to stick with my healthier life.  I will see results, I will lose weight, I will succeed.  Now if I can just get through Christmas and the bad eats coming my way…

On the bright side, at least I already prepped my oats for tomorrow 🙂 This means I’ll have a great start to the morning fo sho.  In fact, I found a whole bag of Bob’s Red Mill steel cut oats in the cabinet when I made my muffins the other day.  Totally not sure from whence they came, but the use by date on them is still like a year away.  Cool!


4 Responses to “I’m going to be a Master Recycler!”

  1. Erin Says:

    Woo hoo Masta! That’s so cool. 20 minutes is 20 minutes – I’m glad you got that cardio in. We can’t be superstars every day of the week, right? ) Your lunch wrap looks like it’s ready for a commercial! So perfect! I love your attn to detail. 🙂
    AND love your snow pics. Miss you mama!

  2. carolinebee Says:

    So you really WILL be a garbologist!?? haha…I was totally thinking the same thing as Erin about your perfectly-wrapped wrap!

  3. Kersten Says:

    Yup, garbology, here I come! I’ll have to order some business cards that say “garbologist” on them. LOL.

    Thanks for the props on my wrap! The Flatouts are really easy to wrap up. Erin, you described them best as chewy and stretchy. Miss you too girl! Glad you liked the snow pics. More to come tomorrow when we’re supposed to get another 2-6″ of snow!!!

  4. catms916 Says:

    Hah I agree, that is one perfect looking wrap!! Be careful driving in all the wintery ice!! I’m still waiting for my winter to come. It flurried here in NYC a little while ago, but yesterday it was 65 degrees. Crazy!!

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