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Sweet Saturday December 13, 2008

Today was nice, sweet in many ways (figuratively, that is), and satisfying.  I got up around 7:45, let the Lily Bird out, and got ready to go eat at Bob’s Red Mill with the ladies.  Andrea at Care To Eat, her cous-in-law Megan M., our friend Megan S., and I met at Bob’s at 8:30 and proceeded to order our nummy eats.  I had the #4: two eggs over easy, hash browns, and biscuits.  Plus coffee, of course.  That’s a little gratis side of Bob’s grits, too.


I never used to like over-easy/runny eggs, but like them now in a few select applications.  Mixing them with hashbrowns and ketchup is a fave!  I had one egg, the other egg white, ~1/2 the hashbrowns, and one biscuit with a little butter and marionberry jam.  I left behind one egg yolk, one biscuit, and some hashbrowns.  I still managed to be pleasantly full, tho 🙂

Chatting with the girls was fun, and at about 9:30 we mosied to the gym for pilates.  Karlyn was back today, and led us through a good session that beat my abs and booty up.  Ye-yah!

I headed on home, played with the LB, and made coffee with Chris.  It was really cold today, and the warmth of a hot bevvie sounded great. 

After this I started menu planning, but got hungry.  I made Chris a tuna melt, and made myself a satisfying plate of 1/2 cup lf/ff cottage cheese, ~7 slices smoked turkey, 1/2 an apple, and ~8 Stacy’s Pita Chips.  Nummy!  Definitely a voluminous lunch (the v-word is borrowed from Miss Erin at Care To Eat 😉


I was full for awhile, then hungry not too long after.  So I had 1/2 cup Dannon Light & Fit vanilla yogurt with 1 tbsp raisins, 1 tbsp slivered almonds, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  100_00062

After this I continued menu planning, but kind of had a cooking block and didn’t plan too specifically.  Whateva.  I went to the store and was blown away by how full the parking lot was, which of course meant the store was packed.  A few people frustrated me with their obliviousness, but it was okay for the most part.  I bought some Flatout wraps, and some freshly ground almond butter 🙂  Can’t wait to try those.

What did I do next…not sure.  Oh, I ate a spoon of the AB–I really didn’t wait, did I?  It had staying power!



I also ate this little clem while I was putting groceries away.  He looked so sad and lonely, and wondered why he’d been sitting around for so long untouched.  No more, little clemmie-poo!

At some point I started dinner, which I wasn’t too excited about:  beef stroganoff.  I wasn’t looking forward to the beef and richness of the dish, but couldn’t think of what else to make for myself without a lot of add’l effort.  So I added some fresh spinach to the stroganoff and it wasn’t too bad.


This dish consisted of whole wheat yolk-free egg noodles, 93% lean ground beef & onion sauteed together, a touch of reduced fat sour cream, and a sauce that had a little butter/flour roux and beef broth mixed.  I added lots of pepper and fresh spinach at the end. 

Here’s where I had a majorly satisfying moment:  I made muffins!  (Which you can see below in my other post of the day.)  I like love baking and was happy to work on my project for awhile.  I’m very happy with how the muffins turned out, and I’ve already eaten 3 🙂  Hehe.


My kitchen was a a freakin’ mess after having cooked and baked today, but I didn’t really mind cleaning up b/c the mess was worth it 🙂

Now I sit here having another glass of chardonnay, watching some random Encore movie, and feeling happy about my day.  I hope yours was equally satisfying!  Have a great rest of your weekend!!!

p.s.  The weather is supposed to be below freezing here for the next week 😐  Snow tomorrow/Mon and perhaps Wed/Thurs, too.  Seriously, I just hope I can make it to yoga!  I’ve missed it this week terribly.


3 Responses to “Sweet Saturday”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    what a fun breakfast 🙂

  2. Erin Says:

    YUM! That’s so great that you all made it out there. 🙂 I guess Bob’s is pretty close to you actually. I hope you love the flat-outs. They’re really stretchy and chewy!

  3. carolinebee Says:

    Bananas never last in my house long enough to make anything with them! That sounds like a great combo, and totally freaky eggs 😀

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