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Yay! It’s almost Friday! December 11, 2008

Today was long, yet not slow.  We got up around 6:30 and I cut Chris’ hair (buzz cut, yo… I don’t think I have skills to do a real cut).  Allergies had me groggy and headachy, and I was anxious to get to work since I had an 8:30 meeting.  With my irritability I was probably a little impatient with Chris this a.m.  Sorry, Honey!  You’ll love this–one of my brakelights went out this morning; do I have good timing or what (since the car just got serviced yesterday…)??

We got to work around 8:15, I reviewed my shiz, got some coffee, and then got a call at 8:28 that my client was sick 😦  Booo!!  This was the third appt with this client that I’ve tried to have in the last two weeks. 

Oh well, that meant I could eat my oatmeal sooner than later 🙂  I forgot to take a pic AGAIN 😯  I had 1/4 cup steel cut oats, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, a little water, tbsp+ of raisins, cinnamon, tbsp slivered almonds, and pinch of salt.  [imagine yummy oatmeal here]

Around 10 I took Lily to my grandma’s house to give her to my mom, who was there getting my g-ma’s flat tire changed w/some help from AAA.  Yay for roadside assistance.  I’ve never changed a flat by myself.  Is that bad?  I helped my bro do it a few times, but never all on my own. 

Chris and I had lunch with a mutual fund wholesaler at Gustav’s, and I forgot my camera.  I had a 1/2 turkey rotisserie sandwich and a cup of lentil soup.  The sandwich had ciabatta bread with a nice thick piece of turkey, muenster cheese, herb cream cheese, and a mustard-mayo sauce that I asked them to leave off (gag).  I didn’t feel like complaining, so I scraped it off and added lots of pepper to mask the remaining flavor.  The lentil soup was good, but I’m not a huge legume fan b/c of the texture.  I also had black tea with lemon.  OH, and a big dill pickle spear 🙂

I was hungry like an hour later AT 1:45!  I guess I wasn’t that full from lunch, and the tummy wanted something else.  I busted out my snack of ff/lf cottage cheese, an apple, and Stacy’s Pita Chips.  mmmmmm.


Chris helped me with the cc, and I saved 1/2 the apple and some chips.  Thank goodness I did that, as I was hungry again around 3!  I was a bottomless pit today, I suppose. 


I ate these while reviewing the New Seasons catering menu for our next seminar.  I usually get some easy foods and set them up myself, but wouldn’t mind something a little more gourmet with less effort for about the same price.

Chris and I headed to Fred Meyer to buy stuff for the seminar, and then proceeded to do our usual set up routine in the general conference room in our office complex.  Here’s what my little spread looked like.  Guests started arriving right before I took this so I didn’t get in there to get a really good shot.


Our spread consisted of:  a veggie platter with ranch; grapes; whole wheat baguette slices; table water crackers; hummus; meats (roast beef, low fat salami, turkey, ham); kalamata and green olives; muenster and provolone cheese; red and white wine; and water.  I had a plate, and snacked some on top of that, after we were done.  Not sure what the caloric intake was here, but I didn’t eat until full. 


The only thing I didn’t eat some of was the broccoli and cauliflower.  I really don’t like raw broc (other than slaw!) or cauliflower in general.  Yesterday on Erin’s blog I forgot to mention one of the nastos I eat sometimes has been ranch dressing.  I hadn’t had it for a long time until tonight.  I used to love it on my fries at Red Robin :O  That cheese was so creamy and good, esp. the provolone.  Some of the grapes were HUGE–so much fun!

We chatted with Alex, the presenter at our seminar (we invite wholesalers to present topics and just do a brief opening and closing ourselves), and then headed out to get Lily at my mom’s.  She was so cute tearing around when we got there; she loves to run around on the deck outside between Chris and I. 

I am tired, it is 11, and I think I’m going to jump into bed!  Yay for Friday nearly being here, and for the weekend ahead.  Hope you all had a good day, and yes, today was much better than yesterday for me 🙂


2 Responses to “Yay! It’s almost Friday!”

  1. Erin Says:

    Kersten, I forgot how much you hate mayo! It’s creepy, right?! I’m sorry about your morning being kind of a shitter! I can’t wait to see you! 😀

  2. Kersten Says:

    Mayo totally gives me the willies. Ew! Chris was putting mayo on his burger bun today and it totally splucked out onto the counter and my LCL wedge 😦 I nearly puked watching him coat half of his bun in it.

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