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Cold and quick! November 24, 2008

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Just like it sounds, the day was cold and fast.  It helps that I got out of bed late, I’m sure.  There were tons of birds and squirrels outside, and I caught 4 of them in close proximity to one another.


After getting to work I tried out my new oatmeal combo: steel cut oats, part pumpkin spice Silk, part water, slivered almonds, and dried figs.  Yum yum!  And, I was able to enjoy my whole cup of coffee before it went cold. 


I had acupuncture at noon, and had a snack of half an apple at 11:45.  No pic, sorry…rather boring anyhow, no?  My appointment went well, another allergy treatment for tree pollen, but I’m a total dope and forgot I’m not supposed to be outside for 24 hours! I totally spent time outside with Lily twice tonight.  Duh.  (It was SO cold when we got home…even with my down jacket on I still felt the hard bite of the cold.)

Anyhow, I ran into a mortgage guy I know on the way back into my office complex and we chatted for a long time.  I didn’t get to eat my wrap until about 1:45, and I was hungry!  The wrap was good–low fat tortilla, 1/2 wedge Laughing Cow Light, spinach, broc slaw, sauteed chicken, and a touch of balsamic vinegar.  It was perfect!  I also had those last two apple pieces. 


My office mate was craving popcorn (and has been for like two weeks 🙂 ) so she popped a lonely bag of Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theater Butter that has been sitting on the fridge for awhile.  I had a coffee filter full of it, and enjoyed it quite a bit.  I hadn’t had popcorn in a long time–thanks for the snack idea, Kristin!  (yes, my office-mate’s name is Kristin, and mine is Kersten.  Used to be worse, as my old office had me, Kristin, Kristi, another Kristin, and Chris.  Say that fast five times!)

100_0007_081 Woops, forgot to take a pic before eating nearly all of it!

Chris and I got the Thanksgiving details settled finally, as we weren’t sure if his parents would be able to join my family’s dinner b/c of his mom’s work schedule.   After talking with her for awhile he wanted to escape to a Mexican dinner, so we left work early enough to hit up happy hour at Si Senor.  I was going to have a cup of tortilla soup, but then these called my name:


More about those in  a sec.  I had chips and salsa first, and the salsa was extra spicy today.  I also went for a Diet Coke, and before my food arrived my stomach was hurting a bit.  I had one Taco al Carbon (double corn tortillas, chicken, pico de gallo, and a little guac put in it), and felt satiated.  My stomach was still hurting, and in fact a bit worse, but at least I didn’t feel sick.  I don’t know what it was…spicy salsa? DC?  Whatever it was, eventually it went away; yay, cause that meant I could go work out tonight.

I hit the gym and did chest, triceps, abs, and 50 minutes of cardio.  Lily was in the car, and I didn’t want her to get cold so I chickened out on the last 10 min of cardio.  When I got to the car she was fine, and she was enjoying watching everyone come and go from the gym.  She is so cute…no matter what she’s doing!  I love how she’s all wiggly and happy when I come home or get back to the car.  It makes me feel good 🙂

After cleaning up and playing with Lily, I made myself a snack.  I had the yogurt I packed for a daytime snack (Danon Light and Fit vanilla), and added in All Bran Strawberry Medley, a few almond slivers, and at the last minute, added half a b-nanner.  It was calling to me from the counter as I photographed the first edition of my snack…’eat me! you know I’m tasty!’  It sure was. 


Afterward I was still feeling a tad hungry, but didn’t eat anything else.  Then I figured out that it is my allergies, dammit.  I hate the flu-like symptoms I get with them sometimes, and the random super-hungry feelings they can cause. 

Today I did a little more calorie and weight loss research and figured I should be losing about a pound per week.  ‘Yee-haw, a frickin’ pound?’ I first asked myself (cause it sounds so slow), but then I realized that would be an annual average of 52 pounds, which is more than I need to lose and sounds significant.  So, I told myself not to get too hung up on the weight loss and to keep focusing on eating less still while working out more.  It was good motivation for the gym tonight.  The good news was I’ll be done with my weight loss in about 23-25 weeks 🙂 Now if the damn scale in the ladies locker room could just be fixed… it seems like a conspiracy to have everyone weigh themselves right by the personal trainers in the open gym, which will then get them motivated to use the trainers. 

I’m going to head to bed to fully relax and get cozy…and of course, watch a little TV 🙂  I’ve been annoyed by the TV selection tonight so far, so we’ll see if there’s anything worthy of watching other than the news.  Stay warm out there, and hasta manana.


3 Responses to “Cold and quick!”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Yay for your gym consistency! And Pumpkin spice silk in oatmeal? I’m going to make that happen!

  2. Erin Says:

    Good girl! I’m so proud of you Kerst!

  3. Kersten Says:

    Thanks for the comments, my favorite ladies from Care to eat 🙂 I’m somehow sticking to my eating and workout plan pretty well, and not missing the bad-for-me foods. I like the pumpkin spice Silk in the oats b/c it adds some creaminess, sweetness, and just a hint of spice. It smells great!

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