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Maria! November 21, 2008

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Finally, the week is over and I suppose it ended on a good note.  I went to bed too late again, but other than that my day started and ended up alright.

My breakfast oats caused a little stir in the office, as the power use caused the surge protector to flip off and briefly disconnect our internet power, too.  The micro sounded really bad, then just stopped, and I thought it was just a crappy microwave.  Oh well, at least everything was fixed with the flip of a switch.  My oats were yummy;  I think the cinnamon is a great addition.


I snagged a new chair (at least new to me) from a colleague today when he got a new chair.  My old one was too big and now I don’t think I’ll end up slouching as much at my desk 🙂  I enjoyed my coffee as I worked and read the news, and then lunch crept around.

My wrap today wasn’t as good…rather blah, not tasty enough in the right ways… tortilla, avocado, spinach, broc slaw, black olives, and pepper.  I also had a few carrots, and some Food Should Taste Good chips with a little Laughing Cow Light.  At least that was good 🙂


I don’t remember much of the afternoon, and around 4? 4:30? I had a Tiger’s Milk bar.  I was going to have a Clif Nectar, but then the sound of peanut butter got me.  I like Tiger’s Milk, but can’t believe the 2nd ingredient is high fructose corn syrup.  Grrrrreeeaaaat…


Chris and I left sometime around 5 to go get Lily, and arrived to see my mom walking her on the street.  Lily was so excited to see us she nearly pulled my mom over.  I can’t believe how strong our girl is!!

We had horrible, horrible traffic on the way home due to an accident, and it took us like an hour to get over to our neck of the woods.  We were already planning on going to see Maria; this is the term we use when we go to our fave Mexican restaurants.  When we first went to Fajitas, they used to play a song that had a chorus of, “Maria!!!….Maria!!!…Maria!!!…” and it kinda stuck with us. 

I had my fave tortilla soup, and opted not to put any sour cream in it.  I added lots of jalapenos, but they weren’t as spicy as I’d hoped.  I had my Casuela, too 🙂  It all tasted good, which is nice b/c Chris and I proceeded to get into a slightly heated discussion about giving each other feedback, the environment, and use of resources.  B/c we’re together so much (live and work together) he said it is tough to take personal feedback from me, and that it feels more like nagging.  Yipes!  He also says I leave lights on, I say he showers 25 minutes too long…blah blah blah…not terribly fun but we didn’t end up mad at each other.  I think the alcohol fueled it a tad and I was glad to get out of there and get over it.


Since we’re going wine tasting mid day tomorrow, I thought I’d make lunch for the road.  The wineries provide some snacky food, but nothing substantial enough to call lunch.  Not a good thing considering you’re tasting wine…  So, I headed to Freddy’s to pick up some spinach, almond milk, and apples.  They didn’t have the almond milk I wanted, so I got some Silk Pumpkin Spice Soy Milk.  More on that in a minute.

I sauteed some chicken breast for our sandwiches/wraps tomorrow, and prepped my oatmeal using half soy milk and half water.  At that point I thought I’d taste it, as it smelled decent enough. 


First of all, as I read the carton I nearly cried:  170 calories and 28 grams of sugar per cup.  I should have read this at the store, as I probably would have realized how sweet it would be.  I was shopping quickly and bought based on a whim.  Second, the sweetness nearly killed me… did you see Top Chef this week and watch Padma spit out the meringue?  That’s how I felt.  I guess I’ll have to use it to make oatmeal, pancakes, or something else I can mix it with.

Wow, it is already 11:15, and I should hit the hay.  We’re off to wine country, and then probably to have dinner with Chris’ parents for his mom’s birthday.  Should be a long day.  I hope I can get a workout in; I may end up going earlier in the morning since we need to leave here around 11.  I can’t take my pilates class  at 10 😦

Hope you had a nice Friday, and that your weekend is great!


One Response to “Maria!”

  1. Awww I love the Pumpkin Silk! I also love the eggnog Silk. 😀

    Love that you guys go out for Mexican, it looks so fun!

    P.S. Hubs and I work together too, as in we share an office. We both work from home so we’re together all the time too. 🙂

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