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Wednesday (Today) Friday November 20, 2008

Odd title, I know, but today just felt like a quick day somehow.  I wasn’t a good girl and went to bed later than expected last night, woke up a few times, and was tired this a.m.  Kind of like Andrea at…woke up early, stayed in bed, fell back asleep, then was groggy.  I finally got up when the roof guys started their final push to get our roof and ensuing clean up done.  I knew we’d be at home for awhile, as we were waiting for the head roofer to crawl up in the attic to do one final repair.  I nuked my oats, which were the usual steel cut with part water/part almond milk, raisins, a pinch of salt, and a new add in–cinnamon.  I had it in there yesterday, too, but forgot to tell you. 


I worked a bit from home while drinking my coffee, and when the roof guys were done Chris and I headed out to inspect the yard for nails and other debris.  The guys were pretty good about picking things up, but when they powerwashed the patio/walk/driveway they blew debris and nails into the yard.  The magnet they used to pick up the nails didn’t totally work, and last thing we want is for Lily Bird to step on a nail or staple 😦  I put out birdseed and the last two peanut butter cakes, and we instantly had a wildlife sanctuary bustling out there.  Here’s a few of the critters:

100_0002_04100_0013_03Flock of bushtits100_0020_011Three squirrels in close proximity!

The squirrel hanging on the suet feeder was trying to enjoy one of the peanut butter cakes–quite intent on getting it, wasn’t he?

It was raining cats and dogs at times, and we were pretty soaked by the time we went in.  Lily was super wet, too! We got cleaned up, I made lunch, and we headed to work mid-day.



I ate this not too long after getting there.  It was a BIG wrap consisting of a low fat tortilla, a wedge of Laughing Cow Light, tons of spinach and broc slaw, pepper, and some balsamic vinegar.  I had a few of the chips, too, but none of the carrots.  I dove into case work, and before I knew it 4pm rolled around and I was getting hungry again.  I reached for the chips, and ate them all before I could take a photo!  Yum yum!


Chris and I had our weekly business meeting (except it has been a few weeks since our last one…), we shared some good news and thought about our business planning for 2009.  Chris has a corner office, and the veil of darkness outside was seeping in and making me want to crawl into a warm bed.  We headed home, played with Lily outside (yay!) and I started dinner.

This may look familiar…”as seen on last week’s table…”  Sauteed pork shops, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  The mashers had my new favorite combo:  light sour cream and Smart Balance Light with Nature’s Seasoning.  Yummy!  I ate a bit too much, even though Chris had part of my pork chop, and i was full afterward.  Not a good thing b/c I needed to get ready for yoga and head out!


I had about a half hour to digest and didn’t feel full by the time I started yoga, thankfully.  The class was good, and I think the instructor stepped up the difficulty a little this week.  I enjoyed class, but need to be careful of my shoulders and elbows in certain poses.  I felt relaxed and calm afterward, and just wanted it to continue all night. 

But, as we all know, sometimes being at home is not relaxing.  I washed dishes, prepped my oats and Chris’ tuna salad for tomorrow (YUCK!  I hate tuna with a passion!  Ah, what we do for love 😉 ) Lily and I also played more, too.  She is very happy to have the run of the yard again.

I thought I’d maybe be hungry again tonight, but it is late and so far the hunger hasn’t boiled up again.  I’m sure I’ll be ravenous in the morning!

Can’t believe we’re a week away from Thanksgiving!  I’m planning on making an apple crisp for our get together, and am looking forward to all of the yummy food.  I am still going to try really hard not to stuff myself, and I think the most challenging part will be taking only a tiny bit of every dish I want.  I go for turkey, dressing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and gravy usually, followed up with a piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream.  Now I’m getting hungry!  What do you like for Thanksgiving?

Nighty night!


2 Responses to “Wednesday (Today) Friday”

  1. “bushtits” made me snarf my tea! LOL

    I lurve stuffing at Thanksgiving! Ah carbs = bliss. But at least there’s some veggies in there too. 😉

  2. Kersten Says:

    Haha, I knew the bushtits would get someone to laugh 🙂 That’s their real name, though, no kidding. They are tiny grey birds, about 4 inches beak to tail tip, and half of that is their tail. They are in large flocks during the winter and travel from bush to bush eating bugs usually, sweetly chirping along the way. They also love suet.

    Love some of your words–snarf and lurve–they’re great!

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