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Say what?! November 19, 2008

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Today started out just fine, with a typical getting-ready routine, but I ate my oatmeal at home since we were stopping at Chris’ dentist on the way in.  Lily was going to my mom’s again and was with us, so I walked her around outside the dentist’s office for awhile and then went in to snag some coffee and read a magazine while I waited.  Here’s the boring oats pic of the day–1/4 cup steel cut oats, 1/4 cup almond milk + a dash on top when done, 1/4 cup water, and a tbsp or two of raisins:


After Chris was done I dropped him at work, dropped Lily at my mom’s then went to work (Chris and I work in the same office, but rather than having him go along for the ride to drop Lily off I took him to the office on the way).  When I pulled into the parking garage at work Chris called and told me there was a problem with some business I had just placed, and that I may want to get there sooner than later, so my stress level rose right away.

Turns out some business I did in Idaho was erroneously tagged as an unlicensed sale due to a home office error (say what?!), but it totally screwed up the business processing, compensation, and other shit that took me two hours to fix, caused some tears of frustration and a strongly worded email to a company leader, but somehow ended on an up note when the client said, “Don’t sweat it, no problem” to having to complete an entirely new set of paperwork.  Phew!  I was so mad at my home office, tho, as this is the 3rd screw up they’ve had with my licensing and registrations this year on items that were strictly in their hands to do correctly. C’mon, people, do your fucking jobs with some pride!

I finally ate around 1:30 and was quite pleased with my lunch, although not that hungry.  My wrap was the same as yesterday, just folded squarely to fit in my Gladware 🙂 It was a low fat tortilla, spinach, broc slaw, feta, kalamata olives, cracked pepper, and balsamic vinegar.  I didn’t eat any cukes, or Laughing Cow Light, but I had a few of the chips.  They were my recent purchase from Costco, and are really nummy–they’re by a brand called Food Should Taste Good, and they are multigrain tortilla chips made with flax, sunflower, sesame seeds, oat fiber, brown rice, quinoa, and soy.


My lunch today didn’t have as much staying power, probably because I wasn’t in such a great mood and didn’t eat much other than the wrap.  I had a light strawberry yogurt before my meeting at 3 to try and secure some brain power for the next few hours.  The texture of this and the other one seemed pithy.  I don’t remember that from before… I may have to try a different brand.


That’s a blurry pic of me in Mexico on my digital picture frame slide show.  The little lady bug in front of the frame came from Mexico in 2007 🙂  Hopefully Chris and I can afford (both time and money wise) to go there again in March.  That would be so great considering the lovely state of the economy and our morale at times.

My meeting went by quickly and around 5 Chris and I headed out.  He wanted to go to our favorite westside Mexican joint, but surprisingly I wasn’t all that excited about it.  Their menu prices just went up by about $1 on most items, meaning I’d be paying $9 for just about anything I’d usually order.  I was also slightly bummed I wouldn’t be cooking; I thought I’d be making stuffed peppers at home. 

I ordered Ropa Vieja (yes, Spanish language readers, “old clothes” or “old rope”), which consisted of a fried flour tortilla shell (love those!), chicken, romaine lettuce, avocado, sliced green olives, cantaloupe, and a light vinaigrette.  It is usually really good, but wasn’t quite as tasty tonight.  There was more cantaloupe than pictured (ate it all), and I ate part of the crispy shell.  I also had a small margarita and a few chips & salsa.


I stopped well before getting full b/c it wasn’t very tasty/satisfying 😦  There goes $9, but at least we had a coupon for about $8 off the tab 🙂 and our favorite waiter was working and hooked Chris up with a free margarita.

We picked up Lily and got home to find that the roofers were pretty much done, and had powerwashed all of our concrete, and the roof I think.  Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen our concrete that clean before, but I feel bad that they used a lot of water to do it 😦  Top Chef was starting up, so I ran inside to catch it from the start.  Can’t believe some of the comments by the people who didn’t make the show–ouch!

I got a litte hungry around 7:30 and had this, a low fat tortilla with my Laughing Cow Light wedge from lunch.

100_0017_02 Apparently I love flour tortillas 🙂

That STILL didn’t cut it, and I wanted to eat more around 8.  I sort of wanted sweet over salty, but not a lot of bulk, and somehow I opted for a small glass of almond milk.  Yummy!  I made it a point to use multiple senses to enjoy it rather than just drinking it down while staring at the TV.  The smell was nice, and taste good, and the sight pleasant, too.  I couldn’t hear anything coming from it, tho–hehe.  That’s Lily’s birthday gift to me underneath it; I used to read Road & Track a long time ago and missed being up to speed on cars out there, so Chris helped her buy it for me 🙂


I saw how wool is made tonight on Discovery’s “How It’s Made”–neato.  Now I know where my shirt came from and how it got its soft, not scratchy texture.  I’m super tired all of a sudden, and may just go to bed after this.  I like watching TV and reading in bed some before I pass out.  How about you?

p.s.  Friday is drawing even closer–yippee.  We are going to wine country this weekend with my dad, which should produce some good pictures.  Yay!  Do you like wine?


7 Responses to “Say what?!”

  1. Erin Says:

    I’m sorry about the bullshit at work! That sounds frustrating. 😦

  2. I love the Food Should Taste Good stuffs! Just had the chocolate “chips” the other day and they were fabbo!

    And hell yeahs, I like wine 😀

  3. Andrea Says:

    Uh, who doesn’t like flour tortillas?
    What’s your favorite west side Mexican joint? Being from Texas, I’m always on the lookout for good Mexi food. Have you been to El Indio near Parkrose in NE? That’s the best I’ve found so far.

  4. Kersten Says:

    We go to Si Senor, which is a local chain out in the SW PDX/Beaverton area. They seem to have a pretty good selection of authentic dishes (not that I order them much…). I’m like never in NE or closer in SE PDX, but I’ll keep El Indio in mind if we’re in the area 🙂

  5. MyThy Says:

    Hi Kersten! I follow Erin & Andrea’s blog but hardly ever comment (yes, in the blog world I’m a lurker!) Sorry you had a crappy day at work. But I’m super happy to see Lily’s helped you reconnect with your Road & Track magazine reading…especially since my fiance writes for it for it. =)

  6. Kersten Says:

    MyThy–That is awesome about your fiance and R&T!! What does he cover in the magazine? My brother used to subscribe to it growing up, and I’d always read through every issue. Lily is a sweetie 🙂 I’m so glad we have her. Thanks for your comment, especially since you’re de-lurking; it means a lot 🙂

  7. MyThy Says:

    Kersten-He used to be the Senior Road Test Editor and is now the Detroit Editor (initials are S.B. so I don’t embarrass him!). We’re moving back to CA so I don’t know what new “title” they’ll give him. If you don’t want to pay for the subscription, you can always cheat and catch up w/ blogs, stories, and videos on: Okay, enough about R&T and the fiance, back to the food blogs!

    Have a great day!

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