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Fast Tuesday November 18, 2008

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It was Tuesday, right?  The day just flew by now that I think about it.  Typical routine getting ready today, but Lily got sick when I was done making myself up.  You could tell she felt bad for making a mess inside, but she didn’t seem to feel sick after that.  She got to spend the day with my mom, and go on two walks 🙂  Thanks, mom!

When I got to work I discovered the cold water tap on our cooler was broken–suck!  It really did make a difference in my consumption since we don’t have a kitchen and I pretty much didn’t even think of walking to go get a cup of water.  Duh. 

Breakfast was as usual, but it was a bit stiff today.  I think it sat in the fridge a few hours longer, and I used all almond milk to soak it.  1/4 cup steel cut oats, 1/2 cup almond milk + a dash after soaking, pinch of salt, handful of raisins, and voila:


I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera today so I had to delete some bird pictures that were on the internal memory to make room for my food pics 😦  I had a few of each type of bird, tho, so it wasn’t too big of a loss.  Do you guys like seeing my bird/animal pics?

I plugged away for a few hours and had started getting hungry when Chris walked in and I read his mind–“ready for lunch?”  Yes!  My wrap today was the usual low-fat tortilla with a new mix of spinach, broc slaw, sliced kalamata olives, a little feta, a dash of balsamic vinegar, and some cracked pepper.  I also had half of a small apple with some of the Laughing Cow Light, and a few Kashi TLC Fire Roasted Vegetable crackers. 

000_0020 I retired that foil today…time to switch to reusable tubs all around!

The wrap was tasty, and surprisingly my lunch had decent staying power.  I started getting hungry about 3 hours after eating, and had my Fred Meyer brand Lite Vanilla yogurt with a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea.  I let the tea brew too long and it was quite strong, tho.  I should have added more water as I drank it down.


This snack totally did not have staying power, as I was hungry like 30 minutes later!!  So, I broke out the crackers, had a few, and then remembered I have Clif Nectar bars in my desk 🙂  I ate the cherry pomegranate one and it was so yummy.  I still can’t believe these bars have only four ingredients in them!

000_0022 Feel free to send some my way, Clif!

This helped hit the spot, and back to work I went.  I was not in a very “deep” productive mood today, which is what I needed to bust out the case work I have piling up.  Guess I’ll be cranking that out tomorrow under a nice veil of motivating stress.  Does stress help to positively or negatively motivate you?  For me it is mostly positive, but of course that depends on the source.  The recent super-crap the economy took in September was not incredibly motivating, but I managed to work some long ass weeks and the negative stress didn’t get to me for awhile.  Since then it has been more positive.

I was thinking of taking yoga at 6:30 at 24 Hour Fitness, and got all excited about that all afternoon/on the way home/while making dinner, but then a few things happened to steal my thunder:  Chris wanted to go workout later, and I realized I would have needed to sign up for the class in advance  😦  Boo!  Oh well, I still ate my dinner too fast and was in a funk for awhile.

100_0023_01 Yay for spinach!

This was a rather yummy meal, inspired by a fellow blogger’s dinner I saw last week (I can’t remember who, tho 😦  So sorry… let me know if it was you!!!)  This was whole wheat penne, sauteed chicken breast pieces, Italian canned tomatoes with juice, some sliced kalamata olives, fresh spinach, and feta.  It was pretty yummy, but like I said I ate too fast 😦  I didn’t get full, thankfully, but felt sorta guilty about eating so fast.

After this I stewed for awhile for no good reason, and put that icky state of mind into being productive.  I folded my laundry, washed the pans from dinner, reorganized my workout clothes drawer, hung up a bunch of clothes laying around in my closet, and got my oatmeal ready for tomorrow.  Oh, I also took Lily out and ran around the neighborhood with her for like 10 minutes.  We still aren’t going into our backyard much b/c of the roof repair debris, but that should all be cleaned up tomorrow 🙂  She’ll be so excited to get out there and run around like a banshee with her tennis ball.  And I’ll enjoy my time with the birdies again, too 🙂

We finally went to work out around 8; Chris works out at Bally’s so I dropped him off and headed to 24.  I got in 15 minutes of the stair mill and 15 minutes of elliptical before I had to head out to go get him.  My elliptical machine had a fan built in–so nice! 

After getting home and cleaning up I enjoyed this bowl of All Bran Strawberry Medley with almond milk, as posed for your enjoyment:


This just made me think of Mad Men for some reason, a comment Duck made in the last episode of the season about selling product.  I miss that show already and can’t wait for next season.  Did Breaking Bad start up again…oh crap, I maybe missed an episode or two.  What are your favorite TV shows?  I like shows on the Discovery Channel, E!, and Comedy Central in general.  Specifically Mystery Diagnosis, Chelsea Lately, The Soup, Chocolate News, and some reality smut mixed in there. 

May Friday be here soon!


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