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Sunny, beautiful, and blah :| November 16, 2008

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So, it was a pretty day, but a sort of up and down day again.  I got out of bed around 8? 8:30? I let Lily out, but did not go outside, and made some coffee.  I almost had a coffee-klutz moment again with the grounds, but narrowly missed disaster.  I had a bowl of All Bran Strawberry Medley with almond milk and half a banana, and it was pretty good.  Sometimes the dried strawberries get to me, as they are a bit sour I think, so the half a naner was a good idea to add some sweetness.


After this my coffee was ready so I fixed a cup with some Coffeemate Sugar Free Vanilla, gathered some bird food and a few of the peanut butter and birdseed cakes I made yesterday, and headed outside.  I forgot to tell you!  I had some old PB and instead of rinsing it down the drain, I added some birdseed, put it in a muffin pan, and froze it yesterday.  The birds LOVE PB and were very happy and both were gone by the end of the day. 


That’s Lily’s Chuckit! in the middle…saves me from getting dirty hands while throwing her ball, and allows me to throw it further for her. There were tons of robins outside, and it was a tad foggy.  Here’s a few pics from the day:

100_0004_01100_0007_01100_0014_01100_0016_01100_0019_01A lone dove!

After this I got on the computer for a little while, and was amazed to see my blog had like 38 views yesterday!  Thanks, everyone!  Please leave me a comment and let me know you’re out there 🙂

My mom and I joined our friend Elizabeth at the Original Pancake House, and I ordered the same thing as last week:  Sharp white cheddar and bacon omelette that comes with 3 little pancakes.  I ate about 1/3 of the omelette, and 1 1/2 pancakes and stopped myself before feeling full 🙂  I forgot to photograph it, tho, so here’s last week’s pic of the same thing.


After lunch mom and I headed back to her house, and I collected some of her art to bring home with me.  My mom used to paint a ton, and she has so many framed originals and prints… I brought some floral related ones home since in the four years I’ve lived here I’ve hardly hung anything!!  I don’t want to live here another four years, but maybe if I hang some pretty art I’ll feel like there’s more of a piece of me/sense of home here. 

When I got home Chris had a roof repair guy on the way over, as a few days ago we discovered a leak after the hard, hard rain.  Ahhh!  I raked some leaves, cleared land mines (aka picked up poop), put away the hoses, tiki torches, and wheelbarrow, and smoothed the barkdust where Lily tears through it regularly.  I felt kinda bad that I didn’t think I’d get to the gym today, but at least I worked up a sweat in the yard.

I was in a funky mood at this point and felt like a workout would do me well, but I didn’t know if I’d make it to the gym tonight. I swept in the house, and got ready to leave for dinner at Fajitas.  Got my usual Casuela and tortilla soup, and the little drink is a “la casa,” the free drink they give you after you’ve eaten.  It has milk, ice cream, Bailey’s and cinnamon.  I was a little full and didn’t feel like drinking much, so Chris had most of it.


And, no, I didn’t drink that whole Casuela!  I had maybe 1/3 and gave the rest of that to Chris, too.

Now I’m home and feeling quite tired, and Lily is bothering me to go outside and play.  Off I go!  I’ll probably watch TV, prep some food for tomorrow, and go to bed early.  Ahh…bed sounds mighty good.

Hope you all had a good weekend, and thanks for reading 🙂


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  1. Erin Says:

    Yay! I’m so glad people are find your fabulous blog! 🙂

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