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A funky down and up day November 14, 2008

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Happy weekend to you all!  Today was a bit up and down, and I was tired and had allergy symptoms almost all day.  Last night I couldn’t fall asleep, and woke up several times.  Did the full moon get to me?  Lily kept “tap dancing” around (that’s what I call the sound of her toenails on the floor), and she woke me up at like 5, after which I couldn’t stay asleep much.

I got out of bed around 7:45, feeling a bit stiff and sore.  Could it be yoga?  Sho’nuf.  Lily wanted to play with her incredibly squeaky ball while I got ready, and I think I may have to kill the squeaker in that thing to protect our hearing.  I realized while getting ready that I forgot to prep my oatmeal last night, and no way I could make steel cut oats in the micro at work without being presoaked… so I figured I’d eat a bar and moved on.

When we went outside there were lots of birdies around, so I had to run back in and get the camera.  There was a female hummer today 🙂  Not sure if she was Rufous or Anna’s…the pics turned out grainy b/c the camera setting was not optimal.  Here’s some of the feathered friends:

Spotted Towhee

Spotted Towhee

WTF?  First time I tried inserting these three pics the last two disappeared.



[obligatory text to make photos work…]

Stellar's Jay

Stellar's Jay

I took Lily to my mom’s since we needed to be away from the house for more than 8 hrs, and chatted with mama for awhile.  She just received some yummy chocolates she ordered from some choc company (can’t remember the name…), and I ate a pecan turtle.  It was good, but I felt bad since I hadn’t had any breakfast yet. 

I got to work way late in the morning, in my funk and with allergies rapidly coming on.  Dizziness was the prominent symptom, and seemed to hang around all day.  I finally got my cup of coffee that I had been looking forward to, but it was not as good as normal.  On Fridays we don’t have coffee service in the office, and someone made coffee that didn’t taste quite right–not strong enough?  old coffee?  Either way, it disappointed me.  Boo!  I looked at a blogs for a few minutes to cheer me up, and it worked briefly.

Chris came to see if I wanted to eat early, and it seemed like a good opportunity to get out of the funk.  I had a half sandwich consisting of 1 slice of whole wheat bread, sliced sauteed chicken breast, spinach, avocado, and Nature’s Seasoning.  I should have put more Nature’s on it, as I forgot the chicken was unseasoned and a little bland.  My salad was boring, overly plain, and not tasty enough–spinach, broc slaw, Nature’s, balsalmic, and olive oil.  The under-dressed spinach left my mouth feeling like I had a velvet tongue or something–weird.  I think I’m going to stop using foil, unless I can verify it is recycled.  Aluminum production is like the most polluting industry out there, but recycled aluminum takes 95% less energy to make.  Only con is recycling aluminum that has been painted produces toxic gases 😦  I need to find a way to pack my wraps w/o having them falling apart. 


After lunch I was feeling better, and got some work done.  Around 3:30 I got pretty hungry and ate two white cheddar rice cakes, which were yummy and satisfying.

Every time I got up today I noticed that my body was somewhat stiff and I had mild muscle soreness in various places–yoga sure did work ’em!  But, being tired from a lack of sleep I felt a little sluggish while moving around.  I think I’ll do some cardio and stretch a lot before pilates tomorrow to help out with the soreness and stiffness.

It was Friday, so I grabbed the non-paper recycling box I provide at the office to take home and sort.  It was full=less trash in our landfills 🙂  I was still amazed at how much stuff I had to pull out of the trash cans at work during the week.  What do people not get about putting anything even remotely recyclable in my recycling bin???  I totally sort it all and see what can and can’t be recycled, so what’s the harm in throwing that plastic cup or bag in?  BTW, I did apply for the Master Recycler program last night, and will find out after Dec. 3 if I got in to the next session. 

Chris and I met my mom at our other favorite Mexican place–Si Senor–for dinner.  I was battling with what to eat, but I chose tortilla soup and a small margarita.  The tortilla soup is totally different than at our other fave place, and not nearly as rich.  It was a very lean broth with strips of crispy tortilla, chunks of grilled chicken, a little avocado, and a little cheese.  I wish I would have had fresh jalapenos to add now that I think of it.  This looks a lot bigger than it was…I ate most of the stuff out and left about half the broth, and I felt a little full.  I also had some chips and salsa beforehand.


The trip home sucked!  There was an accident near our house and traffic was backed up for miles.  (We work about 17 miles from where we live, and we ate around where we work.) It took us an hour to get home, but we had Lily with us and she was entertaining.  She likes to stretch from the back seat onto the armrest between the front seat with her head/front feet, and sometimes she’ll stand on the armrest.  I opened the sunroof and she stuck her head out–so cute! 

Tonight I organized some paperwork, did some bookkeeping, read a few blogs, and watched some shitty TV.  Now Lipstick Jungle is on; I heard no more episodes are being made tho, and it is being cancelled before the end of the season 😦  It’s not an incredibly great show, but I do like it and was just getting into season 2, dammit.  I do think it is funny that tons of Brooke Shields commercials (VW, Colgate…) are on during the show–don’t we get enough of her during the hour?

Okay, so my funktified ass is going now.  Peace out, and may tomorrow be a merrier day!


3 Responses to “A funky down and up day”

  1. Erin Says:

    Happy weekend sweetie!

  2. Erin Says:

    P.S. I’m coming home after Christmas for a week, we must get a meal together!

  3. *waves* Hi! Love your blog and so glad you started it! And omg is that really pics from your backyard?! That’s awesome!

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