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Yogi bear, and the rain went away! :) November 13, 2008

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Happy Thursday!  It is almost Friday I suppose–yay 🙂  Today was good in many ways, so let me detail my journey for you… 

First of all, it was bright and sunny today, and that really helped the mood.  ‘Twas a tad colder, but I’ll trade heat for dryness these days.

Chris and I didn’t get a whole lotta sleep (I was up til practically midnight after all!), but had to get up early.  The typical routine was just that, and off we headed to work around 7:45.  Upon arrival I heated up my new morning friend:  Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats with Blue Diamond Almond Milk and raisins.

100_0382_01“Good morning!”

My morning went quickly, and my mid-day lunch was slightly altered by a trip to the mall with mom to walk around and talk.  I quickly ate my nummy sandwich before leaving.  That’s my lululemon bag cum lunch sack that I faithfully pack the day’s food in 🙂 


The sando (thanks for the word, Erin and Andrea) was just like yesterday’s but only a half today:  whole wheat bread, low fat turkey, spinach, avocado, and Nature’s Seasons for shits and giggles.  The combo of avocado and Nature’s made me smile again, I must admit. 

Off to the mall I went with mama, walked and talked for awhile, looked in Sephora (an adult woman’s candy store, no?) and Papyrus (another adult woman’s candy store), then sat down at Newport Bay for ma to eat lunch and chat more.  I had coffee with 1/2 and 1/2, one bit of her chowder, and two of these bad boys:

100_0386_01Coconut crusted prawns with some sort of slaw

The prawns tasted good, but the batter has changed and is too plentiful I think.  I only like coconut in my pina coladas or fried, how about you?

After another quick walk we headed out and mom dropped me off at work around 1:30.  When I got back to the office I had that confused tummy feeling–full? hungry? I think it was because I didn’t eat much at any one time during the lunch hour.  At 2ish I began feeling hungry, so I had my salad:  spinach, broc slaw, green pepper, avocado, s&p, olive oil, vinegar.  It looked a little sad at first, but tasted great. 


Did some more work, read about recycling, and was referred to this link by a great client:    

Check it out!  Pretty informative!  Follow this link to sign a petition to request DEMAND a national bottle bill.

Oregon has a bottle bill (deposit on soda/beer/regular beverage containers) and we have an 85% recovery rate because of that.  Compare that to the national average of closer to 40%…see the difference a bottle bill can make?  Effective Jan 1, 2009 we also have a deposit required on water bottles!  Yay, that should help prevent the ginormous amount of them that go into the trash. Yippee for recycling!

Chris and I left work around 3:45 to get home to Lily Bird (we don’t leave her more than 8 hours usually–longer than that feels cruel 😦 )  While playing ball with Lily outside upon returning home I saw lots of birdies!  Hummer, Cedar Waxwings, Downy Woodpecker… I captured some photos for you, too:


After that I changed and proceeded to prepare dinner:

100_0411Can ya tell what it is?

Chicken, smothered chicken.  (And my leftover Italian green beans from last night).  I sauteed bell pepp and onion, then chicken breast, put the two together, and added a little bit of cheese.  This is one of the first “real” dishes I made from my Betty Crocker cookbook years ago, and I still love it (sans ‘shrooms since I hate those).  This tasty goodness energized me for my….

First yoga class!  Well, okay, I didn’t go straight to yoga…. Watched some TV, headed to PetSmart to restock Lily’s food and treats, and then hit the gym.  I was still early, so I did 25 minutes of cardio and cranked my iPod’s spankin’ new Work it, baby! playlist.  I bought “Disturbia” by Rihanna since I’ve been obsessed with that song lately, and cranked it on the elliptical.  At 7:25 I headed up for my class, new yoga mat and water bottle in hand, ready to strike a pose.

The yoga instructor’s name is Shelly, and she was awesome!  She gave good instructions, was sure to move around and help us out in our poses, and had a good sense of humor.  It took me awhile to get into the breathing pattern while holding poses, and there were a few poses that I totally couldn’t hold (don’t ask me which ones… no idea yet), but it was great.  A few times I felt light and wonderful, especially at the end.  I introduced myself to the instructor afterward, and I look forward to seeing her 2-3 times per week for more yogi wonder. 🙂

I left the gym feeling great, cranked “Disturbia” in the car, and proceeded to cry while waiting to get out of the parking lot (!).  I suddenly had an emotional feeling come over me that made me cry, but not in a negative way at all.  Weird, huh?  I know it was from the yoga working on my Qi (energy), as that was the same thing that happened after my first acupuncture session.  I was happy on the way home, and still feel happy now–awesome!

I had this little snacky-poo when I got home to stave off late night hunger–Cascadian Farms Vanilla Oat Crunch with almond milk.  Yummy, and slightly sweet since the cereal has so much sugar (ack, didn’t realize this before…at least it is not refined white sugar, tho).

100_0412 (oops, a bit of a shadow there…)

Erin asked me the other day if I noticed any differences already because of my new, healthy routine, and I didn’t think so at that point.  But after listening to my body a bit more since then, I realize that I have been happier every day and I am not getting cravings for sweet or salty goods (or anything, really), even tho I’m PMSin’ and this would be one time where I crave salty goodness and then a sweet chaser. 

I have to admit I weighed myself at the gym after yoga, and although my guess of 155 was accurate, I was still disappointed to see it on the scale (it was actually 157 but I took out two pounds for shoes and clothes–that’s fair, right?).  Whatever, I’m on the way to reducing that, and, more importantly, improving my body composition, mood, and general health.  Here’s to being happy and healthy 🙂  May you, too, find that zen in your life. 

‘Til tomorrow… stay sane and healthy.


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  1. Erin Says:

    Yoga will do that to ya!

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