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A funky Tuesday November 11, 2008

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Hi–welcome back!  Tuesday seemed to be blues-day for my honey, but it was okay for me, other than the nasty feeling tummy right now!  Started out the day getting out of bed around 8 again, performed the usual get ready/play with Lily/pack lunch routine, and was able to wear casual clothes because I didn’t have any appointments today.

I made my oats after arriving at work, and had the usual cup o’ coffee with sugar free vanilla Coffeemate.  I wonder if almond milk could work as a substitute for the Coffeemate?  I don’t like coffee with milk (not creamy enough), but I’ll try to remember to add almond milk this weekend instead of Coffeemate. 

100_0375_03Bob’s Steel Cut Oats with half almond milk, half water, and raisins

The oats were pretty good, but I still feel like they’re missing a little something…I’ll have to keep experimenting.

Lunch was a low fat tortilla with low fat turkey and the rest of my salad from last night inside–it was yummy!  I also had some apples (no, that whole tub wasn’t for me!), and then a few hours later a white cheddar rice cake.


Do you eat at your desk?  Some people think it is not good to do, and I know if I’m distracted I eat too fast, but lately I’ve just been taking a bit of a break to eat and then I go back to work.

The afternoon was the more funky part of my day.  I did not get the work done I should have, and I just kep thinking about the day being over with already.  I kept looking forward to working out, and eventually it was more of a need to work out that developed.  My hunger came back here and there, so I finally had a Special K20 protein water, and that was okay but the texture got to me and I couldn’t finish the last bit.

Around 4 I had a Clif Nectar cherry pomegranate bar–yum!  I love these bars and have a few each week.

Dinner was a doosy, as Chris and I could not decide what the heck to do for the life of us.  He was feeling a little down from random events of the day, and wanted to visit our neighborhood Mexican restaurant.  I, on the other hand, was feeling the need to work out and did not want to get stuffed or drink alcohol and then go work out.  But, I knew I needed to eat before working out and didn’t really look forward to cooking.  We eventually compromised and did go get Mexican, but I had a taco salad and took more than half home for later. 

I worked chest, triceps, legs, and a little bit of abs today 🙂  I also did 30 minutes of cardio, and felt great when I left the gym.  I went to Target and bought a yoga mat and reusable water bottle, too!  Hopefully I can start yoga Thursday night.  When I got home it was late, like 10:15, and my hunger was returning.  I picked at the rest of my taco salad, even though I knew I shouldn’t eat something like that this late.


Thinking about this or describing it is almost making me sick–I just started feeling totally icky a few minutes ago, and am not exactly sure if it is the salad, working out, …..????

I opened my yoga mat and Lily was kind enough to model for me:

100_0381_00It’s a little blurry since I didn’t want to use the flash…

Isn’t she a cutie pie?!  She was so good 🙂

Well, I’m gonna head to bed since I feel gross and just want to curl up.  Hope your Tuesday ended better than mine! 

Hasta manana.


4 Responses to “A funky Tuesday”

  1. Jordan Says:

    Aw, your puppy is adorable.

    I’m the same way with coffee. Unfortunately, almond milk isn’t the same creaminess either. The only two things that are creamy to me are half & half and Coffeemate =\

  2. Erin Says:

    Hi Lily!
    Way to compromise with Chris. I bet he appreciated it. 🙂 I’m impressed with the changes you’re making. Can you feel them? It’s like your brain is automatically switching into old-Kersten mode!

  3. Kersten Says:

    Hey Erin and Jordan-

    Thanks for the comments!! Ah, a fellow creamy coffee lover…usually 1/2 & 1/2 and Coffeemate are my faves, so maybe the almond milk won’t work out and I’ll just stick to my usual suspects.

    Chris did appreciate the compromise fo’ sho’. Funny thing…last night at the gym I kept thinking about you being there, Erin! I was zoning out staring at the stairmill thinking of the hours we would spend on that bad boy. You may not be with me physically, but you are with me mentally when I work out 🙂 I can’t feel many of the changes yet, but know they’re coming and look forward to really feeling more energized and fit week by week.

    Both of you, thanks for the pupparoo comments–Lily says “woof!”

  4. Erin Says:

    I can’t believe how manic we were on the stair mill either. 🙂

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