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I got ‘punctured’ today November 10, 2008

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Happy Monday to you all.  Today actually was quite a happy day, surprisingly.  The day went quickly, too, which was awesome!  A recap of my day for you…

Woke up around 7, but didn’t crawl out of bed until about 8.  Got ready as usual and made sure to remember my pre-soaked oatmeal before I left. As I went to photograph it I noticed that Chris wrote something on my reminder, which totally made me laugh:


My reminder was sitting by a bag of trail mix, which apparently looked like some other type of food 😉  That pic is of my uncooked oatmeal; the trail mix had raisins, almonds, peanuts, chocolate chips, and sunflower seeds. 

I tried photographing a Stellar’s Jay this morning as it swooped in to pick up peanuts, but it kept moving so fast all I could capture was a blur.  They are so pretty with their black combs and bright blue hues.  (Ack, Lily is trying to help me write this by putting her head on the keyboard and my hands–so cute!)

On the way to work I got totally hungry, almost hangry (love that term!).  I was really looking forward to the oatmeal, and popped it in the microwave as soon as I got to work. It seemed a tad bitter, so I added 1/2 a packet of Splenda and that helped a lot.  I didn’t really like the peanut and sunflower seed tastes in the oatmeal, so I don’t think I’ll be adding that particular mix into the oats in the future.  Oh well, I did like that the raisins I put in the night before were all plump and juicy–yum yum! 😛

I was in a meeting from 11 to 1, and when I got out I was just starting to get hungry.  I reheated our leftover chicken burritos from the other night, and also ate a Fuji apple.  I think I ate a little too much, and then I started to feel bloated and rather miserable.  I worked a little more and headed out…

I had an acupuncture appointment at 2:30, which was quite nice today.  My acupuncturist, Randy, is using me as a guinea pig for an allergy treatment technique he’s learning:  NAET.  It involves treating the body while being exposed to an allergen, and works by teaching the body to not react to the presence of the allergen.  Today I was treated with tree pollen, as I think that has been giving me crazy bad allergies lately.  I only seem to have reactions when I’ve been outdoors; about an hour after exposure I start to feel heady, get sinus pressure and/or headaches, sneeze a little, and sometimes feeling nauseous or have flu-like symptoms.  Tylenol Multi-Symptom Allergy keeps my symptoms at bay, but I look forward to the NAET treatment preventing me from reacting in the first place.

My treatment was very relaxing, and I thought about working out and feeling good while I was resting with my needles in.  I must say I never thought in a million years that I’d want someone to put needles in me, but acupuncture is usually not painful at all and does provide relief for my ailments.  (It is only a little prick, if that, when most needles go in.  Sometimes areas are tender, because they are points related to issues I’m having, which hurt a bit more when the needle goes in and then it subsides right away.) I used to get migraines a lot, but I’ve only had two since May!  My emotions also seem to be more balanced, with fewer random ups and downs.

My acupuncturist mentioned the relational acupuncture workshops he does, and I’m seriously considering joining the next round.  It involves having acupuncture treatment while seated in a room with others who discuss relation and intention as a modality to achieve greater focus and well being.  Sounds interesting!

I got back to work around 3:45, and worked until about 5.  Not a super long day, but it felt productive and positive.  When I got home I made a salad and low-fat beef stroganoff for dinner.


The salad had spinach, broc slaw, celery, and green bell pepper, dressed with balsalmic vinegar and olive oil, with some cracked pepper and a touch of salt for seasoning.  The stroganoff had 93% lean ground beef, onions, beef broth, a tiny bit of low-fat sour cream, and cracked pepper; I served it over whole wheat yolk-free egg noodles.  My eyes were much bigger than my stomach, and I only ate half of each before I started feeling full.  I’m still nursing my caffeine-free Diet Pepsi now, two hours later, and I still feel bloated from lunchtime–bleh!

I don’t know if I’ll eat anything else today, but I’m craving a little something sweet.  Raisins?  Skittles?  A little birdfood with almond milk (hehe)?  We’ll see if I can justify eating anything else while feeling like a balloon.  I’m watching Law & Order now, and Lily settled down and is laying on my feet 🙂  Pretty basic evening here… what do you usually do on Monday nights?


One Response to “I got ‘punctured’ today”

  1. Erin Says:

    I cannot imagine being done eating at 3:45! You have some serious self-restraint! Dayum!

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