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Work it, baby! November 9, 2008

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Sunday turned out to be a bit different than expected, as I did not go to work after all, but I was able to get in a work out 🙂  Yippee!

The day started out with me in a pissy mood for random and PMS-induced reasons, but ended up quite alright.  I got up early (<8am on a Sunday), wanted to kill a few people on the highway on the way to pick up mama, and headed to the Original Pancake House.  The wait was super long!  I chatted with a cute 7 year old named Taylor while I waited, and then was enthralled when we were seated and I was able to finally dig in to this:


A white cheddar and bacon omelette, oven baked to perfection!

I ate less than half of this, two little pumpkin pancakes, and one little regular pancake.  I stopped before I was full, and was very proud of my self for doing so.  Afterward it was back to mom’s house to watch giant squirrels in her yard for a little while–they are huge!!  Like little cats or something…


After I got home Chris and I ix-nayed work for the day–that was good news to me!  We made some coffee, I played with Lily, and then I checked out the gym schedule.  No more classes today, so I figured I’d go do some cardio later. 

Around 12:30 I started getting a little hungry, so I made a wrap with some new ingredients, a la miss Erin! 


A low fat tortilla with a little hummus, lots of spinach, some broc slaw (!), pepper, and a dash each of balsalmic vinegar and olive oil.  I also had a handful of grapes.  Tasted yummy, but my tummy wasn’t too happy afterward.  I think I had too much coffee this morning and trying to drink some after lunch didn’t sit well.  So I moved on with the day…



I thought I’d add some pictures of birds into my blog, as I am fitbird after all.  I really do like birds and have been amazed by the variety I’ve seen in my own backyard.  While Lily and I looked outside for a little while I thought she looked too cute and had to be photographed too. 

100_0381“Mommy, can we go outside?”  Well, sure…

Lily LOVES to play with the tennis ball, so while I entertained her I tried to snap some shots of birdies, but not many were around. 








After going back inside a male Anna’s hummingbird came up for some fresh juice from the feeders, and I managed to catch a pic of him:

hummer Can you see him, to the right of the feeder in the air?

His red/black throat was gorgeous, and between sips he’d fly off and make metallic chirps from the tree.  Yay hummer!




I proceeded to start some laundry and clean out the fridge of some old food that had to go.  Instead of chucking or recycling the plastic tubs these items came in (hummus, olives, etc.) I decided to wash and reuse them.  They are perfect sizes for my lunch and snacks, so why not?  The other day I was reading about random recycling facts/etc., and realized that I don’t reuse much (or at least the whole reuse thing kind of hit me as I read about it).  I really try hard to recycle what I can, and reduce consumption, but I totally missed that I wasn’t reusing some things that would be easy.  I’m also trying to use both sides of paper before I recycle it, and wear my clothes five times before washing (haha!  just kidding on that last one of course–testing you to see if you’re paying attention 🙂 )

I threw some more laundry in and gave the man a haircut.  He goes for a #1 1/2 buzz cut, so it is a pretty easy procedure every few weeks.  But, that meant more sweeping!  I swept the family room and kitchen areas again, too, and was of course amazed at the fur again. 

FINALLY we went to work out around 3:30.  I had 1/3 of an apple before heading out.  Chris is a member at Bally’s, so I dropped him off and headed off to 24Hr for some cardio.  I jumped on my trusty old machine–the elliptical–and did 30 minutes at the upper end of my target heart rate.  (Oh, I googled that and calculated it earlier so I’d know my healthy limits for effective cardio.)  I was floored by the fact that my elliptical had a TV and an iPod connector on it!  What is this new-fangled technology!??  It was great tho, cause my iPod battery was running low and I wanted to crank Justin’s “Sexy Back” to get me moving.  Now I can look forward to watching what I want to while doing cardio, which is pretty cool.

I felt good after the cardio, especially cause I knew I was heading off to dinner at Fajitas, our friendly neighborhood Mexican restaurant where everyone knows our name 🙂  This is the Casuela I mentioned:

100_0398Yes, friends, that is a whole pitcher full of orange and pineapple juices, vodka, tequila, grenadine, and some fresh fruit.  I know that fruit juice is basically just sugar, but at least there’s some vitamin C and other nutrients, right?  I drank about 1/3 to 1/2 and passed the rest off to Chris.




I did indeed order tortilla soup, which was quite yummy, but had more cheese than usual.  I love cheese!


Again I was able to stop eating before feeling full, but I was also drinking a lot of water and ended up feeling a bit full when we left the restaurant. The weirdest thing happened while we were there–an Italian guy randomly came in and tried to sell us pleather coats!  He only spoke Spanish and Italian, so Chris chatted with him in Espanol while I tried to understand.  This experience reminded me of being on a beach in Mexico, or a little street market in Italy.  Random!

Now my Sunday is winding down, and I feel happy and content.  And, tonight, fresh sheets!  I love fresh sheets.  Heck, who doesn’t?!  I managed to get a whole bunch more done tonight, too…prepped oatmeal for tomorrow, emptied the dishwasher, organized my closet a bit.  Feeling productive is good 🙂 

Thanks for reading!


2 Responses to “Work it, baby!”

  1. Erin Says:

    What a beautiful day! I’m so excited that you tried the broc slaw. I just love how crunchy it is.
    Isn’t it great that there are TVs on the machines for women like us? I always check before I go work out. 😉 Sometimes ANTM or something fun is on MTV in the morning and that’s the ONLY way I get through cardio.
    Love you!

  2. Jordan Says:

    Hi! I added you to my Google Reader =] Thanks for the comment.

    I want one of those pitchers.

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