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Well, I thought I was done for the day… November 8, 2008

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Thanks Erin and Heather for the comments!  Erin, you totally rock and I must thank you especially for the mention on your blog,  I’ve gotten lots of traffic because of it!  I do remember when we used to walk around 24Hr like we owned the place…heck, I think we did!!  I’ll have to remind the peeps at my new gym of that 😉

After I posted earlier I got to cleaning a bit, which involved sweeping the floor and lamenting over quickly it gets dirty.   That’s the sweet Lily Bird who helps grow that pile of dirt and hair lightning fast. 


I later compiled the grocery list and headed out to Fred Meyer to stock up.  I hate how busy the store always is, and was glad to get out of there.  Here’s what I made for dinner:


Chicken, green & red bell peppers, onions, olives, a little cheddar cheese, and a some jalapeno salsa wrapped in tortillas and baked until hot and a little crispy on the outside.  I made a few extra for lunch over the next few days; mine are the ones covered in salsa 🙂  Chris is a wino and didn’t want the spice to affect the taste of his yummy wine.  I also had a little bit of homemade guacamole on the side, mixed with some salsa and touch of reduced fat sour cream-yum!  Here’s what we had to drink:


I am starting to get addicted to blogging!  It is fun, relatively easy, and I think it will continue to be a motivating factor for me.  I seriously think Erin and Andrea’s blog got me motivated to begin my health quest and use a blog to do so–props, girls!!!  I hope to motivate others as well 🙂  You have no idea how long I’ve been sitting here not wanting to get off my ass and get healthy.  Finally, a change!

Tomorrow’s plans to work out may be foiled… I’m having breakfast with my mom at The Original Pancake House (sooooooo gooooood!), and then heading to work for awhile.  Yes, work on a Sunday… a necessary evil given my workload and current economic goings-on.  I’ll undoubtedly be having Mexican for dinner, too.  I’ll have to photograph Chris’ and my beverage of choice there–the Casuela.  Not healthy fo sho, but at least it is mostly fruit juice.  Lately I keep ordering tortilla soup, and tomorrow probably won’t be any different 🙂

Nighty night y’all!  It is only 9pm but I’m tired and still have a little of that glass of wine to drink.  Keep it real!


2 Responses to “Well, I thought I was done for the day…”

  1. Hangry Pants Says:

    I cannot believe that pile of dog hair. I think you’ll find fellow bloggers extremely motivating, especially blogs like Erin and Andrea’s. They keep it real and eat good things. 😀


  2. Kersten Says:

    Isn’t it icky all the hair?! Let’s not forget to credit the mess of dirt in there, too 😐 Yay for motivation! I keep sitting here amazed that I actually have any and am starting a healthy routine again. Thanks for your support–it means a lot 🙂

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